Jewelry Designer to Know: Babette Wasserman London

Babette Wasserman London twisting love pendants

London-based jewelry designer Babette Wasserman likes to surprise us. Many of the designer’s easy, wearable pieces feature moving parts or hidden detail, a treat for those of us who enjoy the little things.

Babette Wasserman open flower necklaces

Her pieces are classic-contemporary with a twist, glitzy without being over the top, and absolutely for everyone. Since many of the sterling silver designs come in three finishes—rose gold, gold, or rhodium—I can really see the pieces as excellent gifts for a group of girlfriends, ones who love the same things but each slightly different from the next. Good things come in threes!

Babette Wasserman London scarf lariat necklace

Babette Wasserman London bamboo stacking ringsBabette Wasserman London tricorn necklaces


Hers are also the kind of jewels that are so easily collectible, beckoning customers to come back for more and add one more piece to their growing collections. The designs have their own personalities but come together in a well-matched, cohesive look that begs anyone just to pile it all on.

Babette Wasserman London Cloud hoop earrings

Babette Wasserman JCK Las Vegas ring

Evidence of how wearable her jewels are? Babette models one of my favorite rings from her collection above, at this past year’s JCK Las Vegas. Feminine and chic, it has “gotta have it” written all over it.

Babette Wasserman London bamboo cuff bracelets


List these jewels under your must-stock for the holiday season. Reasonably priced, giftable, gorgeous, and fun, you can’t go wrong with these beauties. To see more of what Babette Wasserman London has to offer, visit JCK Marketplace!

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