Jewelry Designer Creates Custom Pieces for ‘Duck Dynasty’ Divas

How to personalize a piece of jewelry for a Duck Dynasty diva? That’s the question Nikki Barrow is currently contemplating. The Oswego, Ill.–based custom jewelry designer, who specializes in hand-forged sterling silver and gold-fill pieces stamped with words and messages, has been chosen to create jewelry for the women of Duck Dynasty, the cable show about a country-fied family that made their fortune in duck-hunting products. The A&E show’s season 4 premiere captured 11.8 million viewers, making it the most-watched nonfiction cable telecast in TV history.

The Robertson family, stars of A&E’s Duck Dynasty (photo courtesy of A&E)

Barrow’s DreamNColor collection, which sells through and, was selected by Black Diamond Celebrity Gifting Co. for inclusion in an upcoming event that “celebrates the women of Duck Dynasty,” says Barrow.

The company wrangles gratis gifts for celebrity events such as baby showers and bachelorette parties. In return, brands are offered photos of celebs wearing their wares—and there’s always the possibility that a Miley Cyrus or Kim Kardashian could be snapped by the paparazzi wearing the donated item in their personal lives.

“A lot of times photos are guaranteed,” says Barrow, “but the bigger the celebrities, the less [guarantees] there are—it’s hit or miss.” For example, Barrow once donated a piece to an event Beyoncé was cohosting. Black Diamond didn’t guarantee inclusion or photos, and she never saw any press from the gift.

“It was a wah-wah moment,” says Barrow. “But Black Diamond really does get results.”


Examples of pieces from Nikki Barrow’s DreamNColor (photo courtesy of the designer)

Barrow’s jewelry has been snapped off the red carpet on the wives of rodeo star Clint Cannon and actor Patrick Shane. Not major marquee names, but Barrow says gifting firms “provide an opportunity for small businesses like me to expand our market. This helps me explode my whole thing and increase marketability.”

Companies that work with Black Diamond—and most other celebrity gifting companies—are required to pay an inclusion fee to get their wares in front of notables. This fee can vary greatly. “Usually it’s very affordable. But they put on a whole event for Prince William recently,” Barrow says, “and the inclusion fee was just a bit much for me.” Barrow paid a fee of “around $40” to be considered for the Duck Dynasty event.

Examples of pieces from Nikki Barrow’s DreamNColor (photo courtesy of the designer)

For the dames of Duck Dynasty—family matriarch Miss Kay; the wives of the three brothers; Uncle Si’s wife; and Sadie, the teenage daughter of Willie Robertson—Barrow initially thought of creating a new piece that’s “simple and faith-based.”

But now she’s thinking she might create something “totally custom and unique for each of the ladies. I have a bunch of sketches and ideas—I just need to commit.”

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