Jewelry Crime Stories: Week of Sept. 29

A roundup of jewelry crime stories from the past week:

Rolex Watches and More Stolen in Madison Avenue Heist

New York City On Sept. 28, two well-dressed men entered Madison Jewelers and asked to see Rolex watches. One pulled out a gun and demanded all of the watches. The suspects pepper-sprayed the owner and proceeded to take jewelry and watches from the window display. Police are still looking for the two men responsible.

$150,000 Worth of Watches Stolen From New Jersey Store

Evesham, N.J. Police are searching for two suspects who stole $150,000 worth of watches from Jay Roberts Jewelers. On Sept. 27, two masked men entered the store and smashed display cases. After emptying the watches into a sack, they then fled the store. Anyone with information regarding the crime is asked to contact the Evesham Police Department at 856-983-4699.

Teenagers Steal Watch in Michigan Store

Madison Heights, MI. Two teenagers stole a $3,000 watch from the Galleria of Jewelry on Sept. 29. One suspect tried on the watch and asked to purchase it. He then grabbed the watch from the employee’s hand. The duo fled the store as they were being chased by the owner.