Jewelry Crime Blotter: Week of March 19

A roundup of jewelry store crimes from the past week:

Suspect Shot in Attempted Robbery

Fullerton, Calif. On March 16, four men attempted to rob All Phases Jewelry. The owner of the store shot one of the men, identified as Nelvin Cook of Los Angeles. Police caught the other three men after they fled the scene and crashed their SUV into a parked car. Uninjured, the three individuals were taken to Fullerton jail. Cook, however, remains in critical condition in UC Irvine Medical Center.

Two Elderly Women Injured in Jewelry Store Heist

Holladay, Utah On March 13, two men armed with handguns entered Diamond’s Custom Jewelers and forced customers to the ground. They broke cases and fled with jewelry. After being forced to the ground, two customers, an 80-year-old and an 86-year-old, suffered injuries, including a hip injury, cuts, and scrapes. The women were taken to the hospital.

Police are still searching for the men involved.

Violent Robbers Make off with 21 Luxury Watches

Guilderland, N.Y. On March 15, Frank Adams Jewelers was hit with a violent robbery. The robbers took two salespeople to the back of the store where they tied them up and pepper-sprayed their faces. They continued to smash jewelry cases and fled with 21 Rolex watches. A third salesperson, who was hiding in the bathroom, was able to call police. However, the suspects are still on the loose.

Online Tax Appeal Scam Targets Emails

The Jewelers’ Security Alliance has received multiple reports about a fraudulent email claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service.

The email is addressed, “Dear Accountant Officer,” and claims that the recipient’s tax appeal has been rejected. It is suspected that clicking on the link will allow hackers to obtain confidential information stored on your computer.

“This is a very common scam that has been sent to many people. If you receive this email you should delete it immediately,” says JSA president John Kennedy. “Always be careful when opening emails from unknown sources.”