Crazy Gorgeous Credit Cards for People Who Are Really, Really Into Jewelry

Aaaaand really, really in a position to indulge their passion for jewelry no matter the cost. Because the only way to get your hands on these gem-encrusted credit cards is through a membership with a European-based luxury lifestyle and travel management service targeting the 0.01%.

Called Insignia, it recently debuted in the United States through a partnership with the New York–based private equity firm Certares—part of the arrangement involves offering clients access to the Jewellery Card, an unimaginably luxe, fully functional credit card (Visa for now, more networks to come) that comes in a number of surprisingly beautiful designs.

Naturally that’s what interested me most about the Jewellery Card. The intricacy of the designs (pictured above and below) reminds me of the subject of my favorite jewelry book from last year, a magical compendium of cigarette cases, powder compacts, and minaudières  from the Art Deco era.

Welcome to the Roaring ’20s 2.0.

Insignia winter kimono card
Winter Kimono credit card with jasper, turquoise, violane, mother-of-pearl, sapphires, rubies, and diamonds in 14k white gold, price on request

Made by a team of artisans, inlay specialists, and stone setters in Switzerland, the designs draw from the mythologies of ancient cultures, classical themes of world history, the works of great artists, and the beauty of the natural world. The EMV chip is integrated seamlessly into the composition so that the design is never compromised. And, perhaps more importantly, you can transact as effortlessly as you might with your plain-old premium Amex.

You can also commission a design completely customized to your whims and specifications.

The ready-to-wear options can go for as much as $200,000, depending on the materials used. This would not be the one to accidentally leave behind at the bar after a few martinis.

Insignia summer day card
Summer Day credit card with tsavorite, lapis lazuli, turquoise, pearl, jadeite, mother-of-pearl, and diamonds in 14k yellow gold, price on request
Insignia Phoenix card
Phoenix credit card with jasper, lazurite, jade, turquoise, rubies, blue and yellow sapphires, and cognac and white diamonds, price on request
Insignia clover card
Clover credit card with jadeite, jasper, carnelian, lazurite, nephrite, and black and white diamonds in 14k yellow gold
Insignia pearl designs
Grapevine credit cards with pearls, diamonds, rubies, nephrite, jadeite, jasper, chrysoprase, and mother-of-pearl in 14k gold, price on request
Isignia African Flower card
African Flower credit card with nephritoid, jasper, turquoise, jadeite, lazurite, rhodonite, malachite, charoite, carnelian, mother-of-pearl, rubies, sapphires, and black and white diamonds in 14k gold, price on request


Top: Ocean credit card with lazurite, pearl, turquoise, mother-of-pearl, and nephrite inlay set with white, blue, and yellow diamonds, and pink sapphires in 14k white gold, price on request

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