Gimme Shelter, Wine, and Jewelry Coloring Books Stat

It’s like everyone literally got the memo—but you’ll hear no complaints from me, or anyone who loves jewelry and is quarantining and/or working from home (kids or no kids).

Downloadable coloring booklets or even just a series of one-off pages of templated jewelry designs in black and white or subjects that incorporate jewels in clever ways (see that unicorn below), have become the latest way for brands to engage their quarantined followers and keep their spirits high.

Hannah Becker of Diamond Doodles was the first to offer this delightful diversion when she launched the Quarantine Coloring Club on March 15 (her initial announcement of it got 1,857 views; JCK also promoted it on our Instagram).

The unicorn below was a big hit with my family, prompting my mother, daughter, and me to grab crayons and get to coloring different parts of the mane at the same time. (Actual quotes, not from the 3-year old: “I think this blue is more of an iolite than a sapphire” and “No, I’m doing all the marquises—do the rounds.”)

Diamondoodles Unicorn doodle
This unicorn is one of Hannah Becker’s signature @diamondoodles from 2015, recast as a coloring book page.

Now we have high jewelers such as Bulgari playing along, with watches and necklaces that invite the quarantined to get creative…

Bulgari coloring book image
Text from the Bulgari coloring page section of its website: “Relax, recharge, rejoice. The right inspiration and a touch of fantasy can take you anywhere!”

…and American jewelry retailers such as Bernie Robbins, whose working-from-home marketing team came up with a multipage coloring and activity book that, according to the brand, is intended to be “a form of therapy.”

Bernie Robbins coloring book cover
The cover of Color with BR. According to the brand, “This book introduces color and beautiful jewelry in a time of darkness…we wanted to show our humanity through creativity and teamwork. We understand life is heavy right now and we want to keep content light. We’d like consumers (kids and adults) to learn something new about jewelry and Bernie Robbins Jewelers in a fun-filled way.”

And independent jewelry designer Larkspur & Hawk, who was covered on this blog last fall on the occasion of its new home collection, recently resurrected a coloring book from its archives featuring illustrations by Happy Menocal.

The 14-page booklet came out in 2016 to coincide with the launch of the brand’s Sadie collection and encouraged fans to hashtag their handiwork with #LHColoring. Assume the same is expected of you now.

Larkspur Hawk Coloring Book Cover
The cover of Larkspur & Hawk’s recently revived coloring book. The designs were introduced with the following text: “In this whimsical coloring book, we want you to have the same pleasure that we have at Larkspur & Hawk, creating colorful jewelry.”

If you are CFW (coloring from home) feel free to tag @jckmagazine when you share your work—we’d love to see what you’ve come up with!

Top: An @diamondoodles Coloring Club design in progress by @tatumgems


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