Jewelry Art Goes on Display at Brumfield’s Gallery

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For the first time, a special exhibit for jewelry art will be shown at Brumfield’s Gallery in Boise, Idaho.

Jane Brumfield, the gallery’s owner, put together this show while looking for jewelry to sell in her gift shop. After realizing that many of the pieces she found online fit into the established aesthetic of her gallery, Brumfield decided to create a show just for the jewelry art.

The primary theme of the gallery will be narrative jewelry, wherein various wearable pieces that tell some kind of story or have a metaphorical message represented within the design will be on display.

“The narrative can open up to a viewer’s own interpretation,” Brumfield says. “It has a life of its own on the gallery floor.”

The six individual displays include various items from brooches to rings and, while they all stick to a central theme, vary a great deal in style and design.

“The biggest part of the selection process was that they have a shared aesthetic with the rest of the gallery,” the art appraiser and gallery owner says. All of the pieces on display will also be wearable, despite their unusually elaborate designs.

One of the displays is by artist Kim Nogueira, whose art often involves moving or mechanical parts that can be tinkered with even while being worn. One of her pieces is a mixed-media pendant that includes a small scroll, which unfurls from a monkey’s grin to reveal its wearer’s fortune.

Courtesy Jane Brumfield

“The Flower Is Always in the Almond,” wearable art by Kim Nogueira

Courtesy Jane Brumfield

“Memento Mori Angel Automaton,” wearable art by Kim Nogueira


Another display is by Rebecca Rose, who creates sculpture rings, rings with small silver sculpture set on top like a gem. The rings have the appearance of assemblage art—amalgamations of various found items—but are made entirely of pure silver and are richly detailed despite their small size.

Courtesy Jane Brumfield

Suckering ring by Rebecca Rose

Courtesy Jane Brumfield

Embittering ring by Rebecca Rose

Artists Robin Kranitzky and Kim Overstreet will have a joint display at the gallery, featuring a set of box brooches with unique illustrations. The mixed-media pieces include dried flowers or strips of vintage wallpaper; these surrealist brooches are reminiscent of a fantasy world, captured for someone to wear.

Courtesy Jane Brumfield

“Flame,” wearable art by Robin Kranitzky and Kim Overstreet

Courtesy Jane Brumfield

“Anchor,” wearable art by Robin Kranitzky and Kim Overstreet


The show will feature a total of 31 pieces, Brumfield says, with each display containing three to six pieces. The show will run from July 12 to September 6, and all sold pieces will remain on view until the show ends.

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