Jewelry and Personality Style

Looking at the styles in vogue in any season at any moment, it’s easy to see a wide range of disjointed and sometimes diametrically opposing trends—for instance, flowers and spikes, minimalism and detailed ornamentation, graceful link bracelets and bold cuffs. It’s not unusual to see multiple styles and themes produced by one design house.

Which designs an individual will choose to wear is based on personal preference. A key element of personal preference, along with a consideration of one’s physical features, is personality. As an image consultant, I am delighted to observe that the fashion press is taking note of the personality factor that enters into a consumer’s choice of jewelry.

The October 2012 issue of InStyle addresses the issue directly, asking readers “What’s Your Jewelry Personality?” and adding: “A chic sparkler is the ultimate statement-maker, so be sure your accessories say exactly what you want them to. Below, nine pieces from four new lines that get your message across loud and clear—without uttering a word.”

InStyle characterizes a “groovy line” of faux jewels strung on rope from Dana Lorenz for Anthopologie as suitable for “The Bohemian Babe”; a brightly hued gilded collar and snake bracelet from Anna Dello Russo for H&M as appropriate for the wannabe fashion editor otherwise labeled “The Maximalist”; jewelry adorned with horns and spikes from Rebecca Minkoff as perfect for “The Style Warrior”; and “estate-worthy pieces made of champagne gold and Beamon’s signature ‘dirty diamonds’ from Erickson Beamon for Club Monaco as suitable for “The Undercover Heiress” (“Let them think you’re dripping in family heirlooms,” suggests InStyle).

The October 2012 issue of Elle looks at three golden bracelets in the magazine’s annual Personal Style Issue, which has “broken down the season’s best trends by personality type” because “Whether you’re a globe-trotting vintage lover who harbors a secret fondness for minimalism or a city-dwelling tomboy longing for the perfect black dress, we know it’s impossible to put a one-size-fits-all label on great style.”

To illustrate, Elle considers three bracelets: “Case in point: The gold cuff—one of the season’s must-have pieces—comes in variations to suit the rocker, the romantic, and the girl who’s a bit of both.” Clearly, the rose gold star cuff with embellished spikes from Eddie Borgo, center, is for the rocker; the flower-adorned Plexiglas cuff with metal, enamel, and glass pearl detail from Chanel, top, is for the romantic; and the gold-tone metal cuff with huge crystals from Michael Kors, bottom, is harder to categorize.

The bit-of-both, harder-to-categorize styles may appeal to a broader range of customers, but at the same time, do less to convey a strong point of view. But consider: Sometimes not broadcasting a strong personality and a message is just the ticket. Sometimes a lovely piece of jewelry is an adornment that speaks only to the wearer, providing a very personal sense of delight.

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