Jewelers’ Security Alliance Crime Prevention Tips

This series will describe the most frequent crime risks for jewelry firms, taken directly from the latest files of the Jewelers’ Security Alliance (JSA), and will provide recommendations on the most effective loss-prevention measures. The crimes covered will include the whole range of violence and fraud that are committed all too frequently against jewelry firms in the United States: armed robberies, smash-and-grab robberies, safe burglaries and other burglaries, grab-and-run thefts, switches, distraction thefts, sneak thefts, credit card fraud, internal theft, and losses incurred by traveling salespersons or losses not on store premises. Practical recommendations will be offered on proper security procedures and best practices, as well as advice on necessary security equipment and current innovations in security technology.

JSA’s crime stories and loss-prevention recommendations were developed from JSA’s database of more than 10,000 crimes committed against the U.S. jewelry industry and from information received daily from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and countless police agencies throughout the United States.

The sponsor of the series is the Jewelers’ Security Alliance, a nonprofit trade association founded in 1883, serving the diamond, jewelry, and watch industry, and with a membership of 20,000 jewelry locations.

Proper security is not only a matter of life and death for jewelers. The combined costs of security and insurance represent one of the most significant expenses in a jeweler’s budget. This series can help keep jewelers safe as well as save them from major financial losses.

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