Jewelers & Pets: Pets in Pearls Down Under (and Destined for a Calendar)

Animals are like family to many in the industry. That’s why Jewelers & Pets is a new column for the Style 360 blog, and will highlight the furry friends of some of industry’s finest and the role they play in their lives. Plus, it’s also a good excuse to link to one of the many animal rescues and charities that exist to help animals in need. Want your pet to be profiled? Connect with me at

When Jane Jackson, owner of A Passion for Pearls in Sydney, started encouraging customers to send in snapshots of their pets wearing pearl jewelry, her family had some concerns. “My daughters thought I was crazy!” she tells JCK via email. But when she saw “Jewelers & Pets: Meet Gigi the Great Dane, Dog Muse & Model for Slane Jewelry,” she felt vindicated because she was no longer alone in her funny fetish of seeing pets wearing jewelry meant for people.

Jackson, a life coach (Rio Tinto in Australia is one of her clients), pearl jewelry designer, and animal lover (she owned two dogs and two cats before she moved from Singapore to Australia in 2008), started a Pearly Pets competition in December 2012, asked clients to submit photos of their pets in pearls, then announced winners on her business’ Facebook fan page.

“The reason I started the Pearly Pets competition is because I missed my pets so much and I always enjoy other people’s pets when they visit,” she explained. “I decided to combine my love of pets with my love of pearls and voilà, Pearly Pets!”

She’s received so many pictures that she decided to give out jewelry prizes for the pics that will be used in a 2014 Pearly Pets calendar. (The calendar will be available for purchase in December 2013; half of profits will be donated to the Animal Welfare League NSW in Australia: “a great charity that rescues and provides refuge for unwanted animals,” she says.)

Contest winners are announced monthly; so far, entries have come in from Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and more. And you don’t have to be a customer of Jackson’s in order to submit a picture.

“Some of the entries are from my customers, however I am always happy to receive photos from all pets with any pearls,” she says. “As I love pets and I love pearls there is no restriction! I have received photos of horses, cats, dogs (many cats and dogs!), a guinea pig, a snake, a giant turtle, and a starfish so far. I am hoping for some inventive photos with birds, fish, rabbits, and hamsters, but haven’t received any yet!”

To submit your pet’s picture, email Jackson at

Highlights of her clients’ photos are below.

A Passion For Pearls

Mambo from Mona Vale, NSW

A Passion For Pearls

Bernadette from Sydney

A Passion For Pearls

Charlie from Singapore

A Passion For Pearls

Sammy from Bali, Indonesia

A Passion For Pearls

Scooby from New Zealand

A Passion For Pearls

Chili from Beacon Hill, NSW, Australia (I particularly like this photo because the owner waited until the pooch fell asleep before the styling began.)

A Passion For Pearls

View of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House in Sydney, a mere five minutes from the home of Jane Jackson, life coach and owner of A Passion for Pearls. (photo courtesy Jane Jackson)

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