Jewelers in Quarantine: Designers Send Out Messages of Love and Support

Quarantine is nothing if not personal. For weeks (or maybe months) most of us will be surrounded by little else save our furniture, personal effects and—for those of us who live with family or friends—loved ones.

As jewelry designers, like the rest of us, have quarantined themselves to help combat the spread of the coronavirus, many have sent out sweet, supportive, and often wistful letters to their fans, followers, and friends—updating them on their plans, personal lives, and state of their businesses.

Some might say it’s too soon to look for a silver lining in this frightening time, but at the very least we can appreciate how galvanizing the surreality of the new normal can be. Italian jewelry designer Roberto Coin told JCK news director Rob Bates last week that the countrywide quarantine in Italy “has united Italy more than ever.” I can’t help but think how much more kind and gentle America would be if the acts of reaching out, staying connected, checking in with the vulnerable, and spreading messages of empathy became daily practice for the majority of us.

Here are a few excerpts from messages sent out by jewelry brands and designers.

Jane Winchester, Jane Winchester Jewelry

“So, this may seem weird but as we go through this time together—instead of emailing less, I have decided to write more. Communicating can bring people together in a time that is isolating and scary. So here we go, a start to a diary on this dangerous time and a chance to connect…. I took a walk tonight and was so happy to see so many families walking outside and enjoying the springlike weather. About 5 minutes later I ran by our favorite pizza place and saw through the windows chairs up on the table and a big sign for takeout only. It made me so sad. So the roller coaster of emotion continues.”

Marla Aaron team
The Marla Aaron team working from home on a Zoom meeting (image via: @marlaaaron)

Marla Aaron, Marla Aaron Jewelry

“What to do what to do, what to say, how to act, how to be, how to think; how to plan. What and if to post. And then I get a DM like this: ‘I’ve been in the shop before, ogling over the Marla Aaron stock and envisioning the perfect piece for me…. I work in health care and given what’s been going on globally, it’s been one helluva week. I went out today to escape the heaviness of the week and as a result I treated myself. Today I purchased a medium yellow gold heart lock with a 32” heavy curb chain. Words can’t express what this purchase means to me. In a time when I needed a heart the most, one had appeared in a most gracious way. Thank you for putting your heart into everything that you do. Thank you for filling my heart and for allowing me to have a constant reminder on my wrist of what matters most.’  So in a very small way, I think I know what to do here. I will do what I do. Thank you for your service in health care always, but especially now—and thank you for sharing.”

Pamela Love, Pamela Love Jewelry

“Our staff will be working remotely for the time being as we monitor this situation and adapt accordingly. But we are still working hard to bring you the jewelry you love. Our website and shipping will continue to function fully as always. While we are doing our best to deliver your orders in a timely manner, please understand that there will be a few days of delay. During this time of transition, we will offer free shipping on all orders…. Additionally, we are working to update our blog to share how we are navigating through this scary and isolating time. Books, movies, music, and art will help us heal in this time of crisis, and we want to share what’s inspiring us with you! We hope we can help in whatever small way we can to make this a little bit easier and more nourishing. Don’t forget to give yourself the time to rewind, read, write, reinvent and create. Lots of Love, Pamela Love & Team”

Jane and Cleo Taylor, Jane Taylor Jewelry

“We are sending out our most powerful rainbow vibes to you and your loved ones during this challenging time. We hold you in our hearts and hope this virus passes as quickly as possible. With that in mind, we have decided to primarily work from home for the time being to do our part to #flattenthecurve and keep our family healthy. We will be going into the office on a limited basis for shipping purposes only, and will be following all suggested protocols to ensure a clean and safe environment. As a part of a global jewelry community, we know there will be delays with production and shipping that cannot be avoided. For us, creating jewelry has always been about spreading love and happiness and celebrating the magic of the everyday. COVID-19 cannot change that so please feel free to email, DM, or call and we will help in any way we can!
All our sparkly love, Jane & Cleo”

Emily Faith Goldstein, EF Collection

“At a time like this, when most of us find ourselves working from home, I thought I’d offer you these small tips: Wake up, shower and get dressed as if you were heading out to an office (I even put shoes on!). Create routine and discipline for yourself rather than staying in your pj’s and working from your phone/laptop in bed (I know…it’s tempting!). Make sure to take a dedicated lunch break, but try to maintain your normal working business hours and you will remain focused and productive! Sending so much love and light to everyone and I hope this helps in some small way.”

Lauren Harwell Godfrey, Harwell Godfrey

“Sending lots of love to everyone today. As we all find ourselves with more time on our hands let me know if/what you’d like to hear from me. And if you need a friend or someone to talk to, don’t hesitate to reach out via DM or”

Zoë Chicco, Zoë Chicco Jewelry

“We have hit pause on the usual day to day here at ZC and are doing our best to keep our community safe by practicing social distancing and working from home…. We are trying to take this as an opportunity to look at things with a new perspective. I for one am hunkering down at home and using this time to focus my energy on creating new designs to bring you in the coming months. My team is working on creative ways to connect with and better serve you, our audience. We are trying to stay positive and take this time to grow and improve. We are here for you and want to connect!… We hope our jewelry brings a little light into your life, and that we continue to be a source of inspiration, beauty and, above all, a community of people who care for one another. Xo, Z”

Top: Harwell Godfrey necklace (photo courtesy of Harwell Godfrey)

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