Jeweler Takes In, Reports Stolen Olympic Ring

The minute she saw the ring, April Lee knew there was something off about the sale. And she was right. 

“It definitely looked like an Olympic ring,” says the lead sales associate of Gold Rush Jewelers in the Cumberland Mall in Atlanta. “It wasn’t your regular ring, it was kind of heavy. There were diamonds on it.” And that made her suspicious, even though the seller claimed it was his, and showed ID: “I don’t know anyone that would sell their Olympic ring.”

Lee contacted police, who, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, determined the ring belonged to WNBA star Maya Moore, who was practicing in China but had reported the ring missing. The seller has since been charged with receiving stolen property.

Moore won the ring as part of the American women’s basketball team in the 2012 Olympics in London.

While the ring wasn’t your everyday take-in, Lee says she wasn’t surprised. 

“When it comes to gold, with the price so high these days, there is no telling what people will do,” she says.

JCK News Director