Jeweler Still Waiting to Hear About Snow Promotion

Mundelein, Ill.–based P K Bennett Jewelers told its customers that if three inches of snow fell after midnight on New Year’s, it would refund all their purchases.

On Jan. 1, snow did fall. It certainly seemed like three inches. Customers were overjoyed they were getting their money back. 

And yet, two days later, the insurance company still hasn’t certified the three-inch amount. So everyone involved is waiting on tenterhooks until store owner Rich Bennett gets the word.

 “My stomach’s been in knots,” Bennett tells JCK, noting his policy says the number is determined by a reading at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago.

“If they took an average of all the reporting stations around O’Hare, it’s three inches,” he says. “But the one at O’Hare, we still don’t know. I have all sorts of people calling me up, but we don’t know yet.”

Given that insurance is paying for all the refunds, Bennett says he would happy to refund the more than $150,000 in purchases to customers.

“I would love for this to hit,” he says, adding he plans a champagne and cash party if it does. 

Bennett says that 224 customers signed up for the promotion. Six people didn’t.

“We told them it won’t cost you anything,” he says. “But they didn’t sign up. They didn’t say why.” 

But for now, his main concern is getting a final verdict. 

“As soon as I know, I will let you know,” Bennett wrote on the store’s Facebook page on Jan. 1. “Thank you for your patience. I need to go home now and drink some Pepto-Bismol. This is making me crazy.”

JCK News Director