Jeweler Loses Super Bowl Bet, Will Issue Third Refund

A Gardendale, Ala., jeweler will refund $70,000 in purchases to his customers because the Seahawks scored a safety in the Super Bowl—the third time he has had to pay out on a promotional bet.

Jeff Dennis Jewelers had bet customers that if there were a safety by either team in the Feb. 3 Super Bowl, the store would refund all purchases made from Jan. 21 through Feb. 1. Now some 461 lucky buyers will get their cash back, says owner Jeff Dennis.

The store has had to refund money to customers twice before: in 2012, when Alabama shut out Auburn during the Iron Bowl, and then again in 2013, when it rained more than an inch on Labor Day.   

As the store has insurance, Dennis says he’s thrilled to have to give the refunds.

After he saw the safety, “I was running around like I just won the Super Bowl,” he says. “It was just surreal. To have hit with three of these, I’m just beside myself.”

He plans to have a refund party on Feb. 27.

His customers are certainly impressed. “You may be the luckiest man alive,” wrote one on Facebook. Another added: “I can’t believe Lloyd’s of London hasn’t cut you off yet.”

Speaking of which, Dennis thinks the insurance company probably isn’t happy, but “that’s their business. They are smiling when they win, and not as smiling when they lose.”

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