Jeweler Called “Least Stressful” Job

Jewelers will never agree, but, a job-hunting site, has ranked being a jeweler as the fourth “least stressful career of 2013.”

“Jewelers work out of the public spotlight, primarily in workshops and behind the scene in jewelry stores,” the site writes. “The most successful jewelers are entrepreneurs with their own outlets, while most still have lucrative opportunities to buy and sell precious metals for a profit.”

The site pegs the average jeweler’s salary at $35,170.

The list’s methodology considers the following factors: travel, growth potential, deadlines, working in the public eye, competitiveness, physical demands, environmental conditions, hazards encountered, own life at risk, life of another at risk, and meeting the public.

Among the professions supposedly less stressful than being a jeweler: university professor, seamstress/tailor, and medical records technician.

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