Jewel of the Year: Heather Moore’s Wedding Vow Necklace

Heather Moore Wedding Vow necklace

Sweet, sentimental, and sensational, Heather Moore’s Wedding Vow necklace is one of the most gorgeous ways of preserving precious memories. The 28 mm round rose gold charm is personalized with handwritten wedding vows, giving the wearer a look back at her perfect day each time she puts it on. Wouldn’t this just blow all other anniversary gifts away? Make sure your shoppers take note (visitors to JCK Marketplace have): This piece lead all of the others with the most looks, and a whole lot of social media love, to be the most popular jewel for all of 2013. It’s a timeless token of love that couldn’t possibly go out of style—put it on a long chain, cluster it with other charms as shown, or even just hang it somewhere special, with a wedding photo, perhaps. I have a feeling we’ll be admiring Heather Moore’s design, along with all of her others, for many years to come.

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And as we say goodbye to 2013, I just want to thank all of those who have made this a great year for JCK Marketplace. Thank you for visiting the site, for loving to talk about jewelry as much as I do, and for indulging me to do so by allowing me to keep writing—obsessing, really—over all of the talent and beauty there is in this industry. Here’s to a beautiful 2014 for all of us. Cheers!

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