Jewel of the Month: Eva Stone’s Raw Diamond Ring

Eva Stone raw diamond made ring

I want to call this the Labyrinth ring. Eva Stone‘s sterling and gold-plated, two-tone piece comes off looking like a maze, but incorporates a series of in-demand features. From its use of negative space and geometric lines, texturing I want to run my fingers over, and raw diamond starring in its own golden frame, there is both plenty to look at and lots to love. I think it would be interesting to see this ring at the center of a stack composed of thin, solid gold bands. The design is so artistic, so unusual, and dare I say, romantic? This could definitely function as a wedding band, but for Valentine’s Day, I’m thinking a line like “You’re a maze I want to get lost in” would work just fine. Cheesy? Maybe. But I am utterly sold. 

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