Jewel of the Month: Demarco Jewelry’s Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Demarco Jewelry cushion halo diamond engagement ring

It’s October. I’ll say that again: It. Is. October. What happened to the past month? One moment, I was celebrating the arrival of fall; the next, our first month of autumn has passed us by, and I’m realizing the time to contemplate this year’s Halloween plans has absolutely passed. So here it is, a new month, my favorite month, and the gateway to all things holiday-related. But let’s not forget to reminice about how great September was. Fabulous weather for the most part, the Emmy Awards, the arrival of fall, and oh—this engagement ring! You guys were busy this September, likely on the hunt for new engagement rings for your showcases (that search never stops, does it?), and you seem to have landed on this one: a sparkling design from Demarco Jewelry, featuring 0.25 cts. t.w. diamond accents in the form of a cushion-shape halo around the center stone, and trail down the shank. It’s a fairly classic design, save for the cool, asymmetrical line of diamonds down the sides. Glance quickly and you’ll miss the opposites-attract look. That’s what I love so much about this piece: its quirky-yet-elegant setting, that doesn’t beg for attention but demands that you admire, analyze, and—inevitably—be attracted to it. And how great would this look with a sapphire center?

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