Jewel of the Month: ABC Gems’ Emerald and Rose-Cut Diamond Ring

ABC Gems emerald and rose cut diamond ring

There’s just something about rose-cut diamonds. Sure, they don’t have the same sparkle as a brilliant diamond would, but they’re just so dreamy. A perfect example of their mesmerizing qualities: our jewel of the month from ABC Gems. And the rose-cut diamonds aren’t even the main attraction—though they look darn good mixing with a helping of round brilliant diamond accents—it’s the oval-shape emerald that takes center stage. At 3.73 cts., the emerald glows a wicked green, beckoning to be worn. But back to those rose-cuts. I mean, come on! Look at that way they illuminate the whole ring. It’s a really beautiful design, classic in theory but unexpected in its execution, with the mix of diamonds. And it’s in platinum. I know this very special Jewel of the Month will make an unforgettable holiday gift for a very lucky customer.

ABC Gems is showcasing more in emerald jewelry on JCK Marketplace.

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