Jessica Biales’ New Matisse-Inspired Scissor Jewelry in Silver and 10k Gold

New York City–based Jessica Biales loves Matisse, and may love his whimsical paper cut-outs even more. Case in point: her new Scissor collection in sterling silver and 10k gold, which emulates the whimsical silhouettes of the French artist’s handiwork.

Debuting now, there are 21 SKUs to date, and she’s using diamonds, colored diamond beads, lapis, moonstone, rubies, and mandarin garnet to tell a tale rich in negative space.

“My initial inspiration for my Scissor Collection was his blue female figure holding the amphora (vessel) on her head, which is one of his famous cut-outs,” the artist tells JCK in an email interview.

The pieces ship this month, and retail prices start at $200. No buy-in currently exists.

Jessica Biales Amphora necklace in silver from her Scissors collection

Amphora necklace in silver, $400

Jessica Biales Antler rings in silver and 10k gold from her Scissors collection

Antler rings in silver and 10k gold, $400–$2,000

Jessica Biales Nori earrings in 10k gold from her Scissors collection

Nori earrings in 10k gold, $1,800

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