Jen’s Obsession: Susan Elnora’s Sterling Silver Deer Rack Ring

I remember meeting Susan Elnora two years ago when the Buyer’s Market of American Craft was still in Philadelphia. Her silver jewelry was hard to forget; Power Line and Barn necklaces aren’t themes you typically see in jewelry, but this New Mexico–based artist had these funky styles and more (think buffalo and antlered coyote skulls). Fast forward to today: She’s added horse carcasses and unicorn skulls to her mix, as well as this less disturbing Deer Rack ring in silver, which I love. (Truth be told, I like all of her freaky creations, but since I’m not looking to wave a weirdo flag, I think I would opt for a less bizarre motif to wear.)

I appreciate her imagination and fearlessness to create looks that others will most certainly think are eccentric. And I know I’m far from her only admirer in the fine jewelry world. At that show, a stone buyer for one of jewelry’s most widely appreciated lines bought three of her designs, including a multi-piece Railroad necklace with no cars, but plenty of that wonderful Elnora inventiveness.

Susan Elnora Deer Rack ring in silver for $350

Deer Rack ring in silver, $350

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