Jen’s Obsession: Pamela Froman’s Headlight Cuff in 18k Gold and Black Rhodium

Pamela Froman’s aesthetic is easy to see—think chiseled, often bicolor metal effects in 18k gold. Yet one of her latest designs, the Crushed Headlight cuff bracelet (“crushed” is what she calls her signature textured surfaces) trades two tones for a dark coffee-like finish in black rhodium. The strong color lends a mighty feel to this compact piece, while the colorless diamond beams brightly as the name suggests. Looking to illuminate your minimalist-inspired style? This sturdy number will show others your light.

Pamela Froman's Crushed Headlight cuff in 18k gold with black rhodium and a colorless diamond

Crushed Headlight cuff bracelet in 18k gold with a 0.23 ct. diamond, $2,970

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