Jen’s Obsession: Joseph Murray’s Sea-Inspired Labradorite and Mixed Gemstone Pendant

Joseph Murray’s signature sea anemone motif is charming and recognizable in gold, but beautifully suggested in a new gemstone silhouette! That’s what’s we see in this stunning pendant strung on grass-green cord from the New York City-based artist. The piece is rendered in 18k gold with 100 cts. t.w. sapphire, tourmaline, and peridot briolettes—the clusters of which nod to the creature’s  finger-like tentacles that swarm unsuspecting prey—and a massive 165 ct. labradorite center stone that mimics the anemone’s wide mouth, where small crabs and fish meet their demise. Plus, the coloration is as lush as what’s found on the sea floor. (Aren’t the color striations in that iridescent rock just dreamy?) Yet, this variety won’t sting or require a deep-sea dive. Murray tells me that the labradorite’s depth of colors reminded him “of a tide pool,” and I couldn’t agree more. Now this is the kind of sea creature I’d be happy to swim with. It retails for $5,100.

Joseph Murray gemstone pendant

Pendant in 18k yellow gold with 165 ct. labradorite and 100 cts. t.w. sapphires, green tourmalines, and peridot, $5,100; Joseph Murray