Jen’s Obsession: How to Wear Marla Aaron’s Extra-Large Oxidized Silver Carabiner

Have you ever wished someone would manufacture a product you’ve dreamed about? Perhaps one of those long-reach grabbers—my father-in-law loved these—or a magnetic wristband for keeping small tools and bits close at hand during household repairs? Well, I’ve had my own fantasy item—a precious-metal carabiner, maybe in an interesting shape—on my fictional wish list up until a few weeks ago when Marla Aaron walked into our office for a market visit. No longer was the idea only a figment of my aspirational imagination: Aaron had brought it to life.

I recently blogged about her line, but I’ve been coveting carabiners for so long that I had to call special attention to the one added to my personal collection. I ordered one on the spot to address some specific jewelry issues that only a collector could have: I wanted a precious-metal carabiner to help transform my continuous strands into bib necklaces or multiple strands of different lengths sans ribbons that get tangled in my hair. With Aaron’s extra-large oxidized carabiner, I can easily accomplish these looks and others—long necklaces will now double as belts as well—while adding a dose of modern chic to otherwise classic styles.

Sterling carabiner from Marla Aaron paired with rope of pearls

A rope of pearls gets a fresh spin with an extra-large oxidized silver carabiner from Marla Aaron. I used to do this with ribbon, which inevitably got tangled in my long hair.

The one shown retails for about $550 in oxidized silver, but Aaron also makes them brass and 14k and 18k gold as well, in sizes ranging from extra-large to medium to regular and baby to accommodate a wide range of price points.

Of course, she sells her own necklaces to accessorize with the carabiners, but I love the versatility of the units alone to give consumers options for their own existing jewelry collections. I envision a display of carabiners near long necklaces in stores, to show customers the different ways they can wear them, and in-store events to further cement the ideas in shoppers’ minds. Retailers could even have contests to challenge fans to come up with cool ways to wear their own! There are lots of options.

Sterling carabiner from Marla Aaron enables wearers to don a necklace as a belt

I can now wear my Robert Wan Tahitian pearl and cloth cord necklace as a belt thanks to my Marla Aaron oxidized silver carabiner.

At a time when wallets are stretched, Aaron’s carabiners are a versatile and fresh way to keep customers shopping.

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