Jen’s Obsession: Dyanne Belle’s Vedette Bracelet With Amethyst and Black Rhodium Silver

Deb Schecter, the designer behind Dyanne Belle, brings us the Vedette (a loose interpretation of the French for rock star) bracelet in silver with black rhodium and amethyst, made to “bring out a woman’s inner rock star,” she tells JCK. I’m pretty sure that I don’t have a secret rock star lurking within the depths of my being, but I love—and would rock, in my own conservative way—this piece all the same.

Set with awesomely oversize trillion cuts—and one lone oval-shape stone on the clasp—the faceting on the rock tops helps give the gems an extra-modern look. I even like how some of the stones seem paler in color than others (they’re still pretty!), lending a bit of light overall to an otherwise dark statement piece. (That black rhodium adds to the drama like nothing else!) And that cheap, chipper, and perky purple stone helps the style stay accessible (it retails for $3,090) and even fun; who can be serious wearing Barney’s signature hue? With the holidays coming, I’d love to find this piece under the Heebner Christmas tree.

Vedette amethyst silver bracelet from Dyanne Belle

Vedette bracelet in silver with black rhodium with 82 cts. t.w. amethyst, $3,090

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