Jen’s JCK Las Vegas Show Obsession: Elena Kriegner’s Collapsible Silver Square-Shape Bracelet

Elena Kriegner applies a logical sensibility and minimalist design aesthetic to her line of geometric-shaped jewels, many with movement and convertible options. A case in point are her two-piece rings: Separate shank and gemstone tops can easily be paired to give wearers multiple look options. Then there’s her super sleek and cool collapsible square bracelet. It’s got four hinges that expand for wear, and it inspires a definite ‘Why hasn’t anybody else thought of that?’ opinion upon view (kind of like H.Stern’s simple slide on and off watch bands, as opposed to the abundance of cumbersome screw-in options that most brands offer). A profile on Kriegner, complete with more of her designs, is currently in the works and will appear on this blog within the next couple of weeks.

Elena Kriegner collapsible silver square-shape bracelet