Jennifer Aniston’s Engagement Ring: Gaudy or Gorgeous?

Jennifer Aniston finally gave the world a glimpse of her mega-engagement ring, begging the question, “Can a diamond ever be too big?”

America’s favorite friend flashed her sparkler (or should I say firework?) while out with fiancé Justin Theroux last weekend.

Although the designer of the gem hasn’t been revealed, the hefty 8-9 ct. emerald-cut ring is estimated to have cost $500,000 to $1 million and has fueled criticism in the blogosphere. According to a poll on People StyleWatch, more than 31 percent of readers aren’t thrilled with the style.

The striking stone seems to be an acquired taste. “I love a big gem…in the appropriate setting. I think too many jewelers automatically steer women to a setting with a very slender shank, which supposedly puts all the emphasis on the stone. But I think it’s more flattering to an important center stone to have a setting that’s in proportion to the gem’s dimensions,” jewelry designer Wendy Brandes says.

“My personal aesthetic favors a chunky setting. It’s like anything else in your wardrobe—it’s all about balance. You wear the right shoes for a dress, have the right hair for your lifestyle, and have the right setting for your diamond!” Brandes says.

“It’s phenomenal the way the diamond floats on her hand. When it comes to diamonds, there is no such thing as too big,” Cindy Edelstein, founder of the Jeweler’s Resource Bureau, adds. “In response to all the criticism, I believe the jewelry that a woman wears is her choice. Jennifer Aniston can wear whatever she wants and the same goes for any other bride.”

I’ve personally been on team Aniston since the beginning and am happy to see the star smiling with or without a huge rock. However, if a diamond is truly a girl’s best friend, then let’s just say this ring leaves very little room for Courteney Cox.

What do you think: gaudy or gorgeous?

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