JCK’s 150th: Jewelry Marketer Rebecca Moskal on What JCK Means to Her

JCK magazine celebrates its 150th year this year, and each issue of the magazine we publish this year will include a feature story that asks 25 jewelry professionals to share their memories and experiences with the magazine—and its long list of editors, publishing executives, and contributors.

By year’s end, we will have chatted with 150 jewelry luminaries—designers, manufacturers, big brand executives, gem and jewelry specialists, and marketing pros.

The feedback from the industry has been overwhelming—and some of the interviews we’ve pulled quotes from have been downright magical. Because we can’t publish every interview in full in print, we plan to publish entire interviews online throughout the year.

First up in this mission is an interview with well-known and widely beloved jewelry marketing professional Rebecca Moskal (pictured), founder of Los Angeles–based marketing firm Communiqué.

JCK: How long have you been in the jewelry industry?

Rebecca Moskal: 2019 marks my 19th year.

In what ways has the industry changed in the time you’ve been in it? 

While countless changes that have occurred over the nearly two decades, I believe the two most impactful changes have been the watershed toward e-commerce and the dawn of social media.

While the industry initially feared the loss-of-control challenges that e-commerce presented, it’s unthinkable today for a brand not to be available online. And with social media, designers now have an incredible platform to present and sell their collections in their own way, as well as interact with both retailers and end consumers.

What was your first interaction with JCK magazine?

As a newbie to the industry in 2000, it was my must-read to begin to immerse myself into the world of jewelry. Eighteen years later, I still pour over the magazine’s pages each month, to catch up on industry news, find new designers, and see the latest works of clients and friends.

What’s been your most memorable interaction with JCK (the people or magazine)?

Every time I see a client’s piece showcased in the pages of JCK magazine, it’s a memorable moment. It’s still as thrilling and rewarding today as it was the first time, years ago. Predawn, preshow hikes in the desert in Tucson with the JCK show team are also some of my fondest memories.

Assuming you like JCK (!), in what ways do you think the magazine stands apart from other media outlets?

In this era of pay-to-play media coverage, JCK bucks that trend and features a wide variety of designers in every issue. It gives exposure to young, up-and-comers, tried-and-true veterans, and everyone in between. The range allows readers to see a true spectrum of industry talent.

(Photo courtesy of Rebecca Moskal)

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