JCKers Work & Party Hard During Vegas

I have to make a final shout out to our time in Vegas. After all, it’s a lot of hard work during the day and night, and it’s also a good chance for the entire staff to bond. On one of the last nights of the show, I attended a couple of evening events par seul, and then met up with my co-workers later. Here’s a digital photo album of our fun.

* Event One: The Levian Red Carpet Fashion Show at the Sands Convention Center

Here’s the cool and yummy chocolate fountain we noshed on during the cocktail hour, and me with Eddie Levian after the show ended. There was a Red Carpet outside the room, models, pretty jewelry, and a sushi bar in the corner of the room (food is important at these venues). It’s a neat annual event for Levian, and our staff always makes sure to attend.

* Event Two: A Party for Henry Dunay to Celebrate 50 Years in Business

Here’s me with Henry. He was a perfect host, going so far as getting a glass of champagne for me from the bar. (Hey, you’d never see certain other big names do that.) The party was held at the Bellagio, and was just about the only event during the show that wasn’t at the Venetian or the Wynn. Normally, this would bother JCK style, but I was actually glad to get away from my Treasure Island-Venetian/Sands-Wynn circuit and take in some other sights (the fountains, see below). Good food, nice atmosphere, stayed for 20 minutes or so. On to the next event …

* Event Three: The Diamond Empowerment Fund Party at the V Bar in the Venetian

This was an exciting party! I met up with a bunch of my co-workers, including Heather Pelletier, Erica Cohose, Tricia Douglas, Ivy Ericksen, Rob Bates, and Bill Furman. The event celebrated Russell Simmon’s new malachite jewelry; Simmons is donating half of all sales of a malachite and rough diamond bracelet (shown) to the DEF, a group he founded and one that “raises money for the development and empowerment of the people and communities in Africa where diamonds are a natural resource,” according to his web site. Everybody at the party got a bracelet, too. Plus, we got our pictures taken with Rusell, brother Rev Run, aka Joseph Simmons (Run-DMC), and his wife Justine. Here we are, hanging with fancy folks!

Showing Off Our DEF Bracelets
left to right, Ellen Haddigan, executive director, Diamond Empowerment Fund; Linda Passaro, senior vice president, Simmons Jewelry Co.; me–Jen Heebner, senior editor, JCK Magazine; and Scott Rauch, president, Simmons Jewelry Co.

New Additions to Run’s House
left to right, Justine Simmons; Tricia Douglas, marketing assistant, JCK Magazine; and Rev Run aka Joseph Simmons (Run from Run-DMC).
left to right, Tricia; Erica Cohose, classified ad manager and inside sales, JCK Magazine; and Rev Run.

Hello Kitty & Friends (Hello Kitty fine jewelry is made by Kimora Lee Simmons, Russell’s wife)
left to right, Jen; Heather Pelletier, marketing assistant; JCK Magazine; Kitty; and Ivy Ericksen, show coordinator, Reed Business.

Photo Op with Russell!!!!
left to right, Tricia; Sharon Lawi, sales executive for LUXURY by JCK; Russell; Heather; Jen (in the back); and a party guest.

More Photo Ops!
Tricia and Russell, and Russell and Rob Bates, senior editor, diamonds, JCK Magazine

You can find pics of Russell at this event on wireimage.com, but you won’t see us in them. As much as we like them, the photographer didn’t think they’d be too saleable. And as happens at many fancy venues, some scandal did occur that night: a party guest accused Hello Kitty of groping her. Kitty’s name has yet to be cleared.