JCK5: Looks I’m Getting a Little Tired of Seeing

When you look at massive amounts of jewelry, you can grow a little weary of looking at redundant motifs, particularly when you first saw them years ago. I’m talking those hot looks that go into production by many after trendsetters have originated them. (Think Wendy Brigode’s Tin Cup necklace as one example.)

Now, this isn’t to say that the looks I’m about to call out aren’t pretty or appreciated; but after seeing so many of them at the recent shows, I don’t think it wouldn’t be a bad thing if they went away—if only for a little while—until we longed to see them again.

If these styles are your signature, disregard this post entirely because the rest of us have the trendsetters to thank for making the looks so popular. As for the rest of you, hang on, because I’m going to wax sardonic for a post and offer some insight into some of the “new” looks I saw in Vegas.

Tassels: They started popping up again a little over two years ago (Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry had some in her line when she launched it), and now they are everywhere. They’re cute, they’re fun, and they’re also a tad overdone—for me, anyway.

Slices: Oh my word, there are so many pieces of jewelry with stone slices! I first reported on diamond slices in JCK LUXURY in 2009 (Nina Runsdorf was among the first to make them a signature look), and now everyone in the world has added them to their lines. One lovely manufacturer showed me her new slice line in Vegas, conceding that her retailers weren’t impressed; the jewelry was pretty, but the look is a little late to the party at this point.

Opals: They’re gorgeous! And I even blogged a new collection containing them today in another post. However, they’re also everywhere. For me to stop and take a look at another new opal collection means there better be something pretty spectacular about them (see Colette’s new line for my definition of spectacular).

Rough: Todd Reed put them on the radar of consumers everywhere. Heck, I thought they were flat-out ugly until someone with vision—Reed—made them a focal point and brought out their beauty. For everyone else, a piece here and there is fine, of course, but, let’s be real: Reed already owns this category.

Snakes: Brangelina loves them, and so do a lot of other people. Yeah, they’re cool, they’re edgy, they’re symbolic of romance, and 2013 is the year of the snake. Sigh. I may just have to deal with this one until at least 2014 because we’re looking at a lot more to come.

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