JCK5: 5 Solid Resources for Keeping Up With Wearables

Following the wearables market is exciting because its major players, star products, and jaw-dropping innovations change almost daily. One day, the Apple Watch is heralded as the breakthrough product—the one that will ultimately make wearables as ubiquitous as wedding bands. The next day…not so much

But the category’s perma-flux status can make it difficult to keep up with the latest products and innovations. There is no clearinghouse-style news source for wearables. That said, here are handful of solid resources I rely on to stay abreast of new gadgetry and advances in wearables.

Courtesy Wareable

A screenshot from Wareable

This handsome, easy-to-navigate site features The Week in Wearable Tech, a report that gathers good content on wearable tech from all over the web. It’s also home to unbiased product reviews, running commentary on the market’s big players (Apple, Garmin, Jawbone, etc.), and news on upcoming releases. 

Courtesy Re/code

A screenshot from Re/code

One of the best and most thoroughly researched tech journalism outlets on the web, Re/code features comprehensive test-drives of new wearables along with thoughtful opinion pieces on social media, retail technology, and all things tech.

Courtesy Android

The Asus ZenWatch on the Android Wear site

Android Wear
Yes, Apple has its superstar watch. But the Android operating system has an array of luxe smart watches and devices—including stylish Moto, Asus, and LG models—corralled neatly on a single wearables-focused site. It’s an e-comm site, but it’s also a handy place to check out the latest Android-compatible devices on the market.

Courtesy Mashable

A news item on Mashable

The much-lauded tech site is actually a little light on the wearables content (it’s heavy on social media and tech business news). But what it does feature on the category always feels insider-y. 

Courtesy Netatmo

The June by Netatmo bracelet

This year, we added a new column, “Who, What, Wearable,” to the print version of JCK that offers up unfiltered reviews of wearable devices on the market (they also live online). And, more frequently, in our daily newsletter, JCK editors dish on cool new wearables and the latest news on devices and the category’s major players. We’re also the only outlet deep-diving into jewelry-focused wearables. 




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