#JCK White Tungsten Launches for Men

Tungsten Carbide is a staple in the
men’s wedding band category, and as its popularity continues to grow, so, too,
do its color options. Triton by Frederick Goldman is launching White Tungsten
Carbide at JCK Las Vegas, which opens today.

Well-known in gray and black,
tungsten carbide is getting a lighter-looking option thanks to Triton’s three-stage proprietary technical deposition and
finishing process wherein the use of 95 percent platinum group metals produces a
bright white color on Triton’s TC850 products.

The new line of T.C. rings will be supported with a national consumer PR and advertising campaign to
develop the same awareness as gray and black T.C.

Hailed as a highly scratch-resistant metal, false ad claims made by
lesser-known T.C. manufacturers drew criticism of the product in the past year.
However, research conducted by TheKnot.com shows that after karat gold, T.C. is
still the most popular choice for men’s wedding bands.

 White Tungsten Carbide by Triton for Frederick Goldman

To see the rings in person seek out
Tom Tanner or Jonathan Goldman at Plumb Club booth 800 at the show.


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