JCK’s Top 5 Instagram Posts of 2018

Arguably, 2018 was the year that Instagram became the most important social media network in the world.

It’s still not the biggest—Facebook has more than 2 billion users, while Instagram has around half that. But the ‘gram delivers higher engagement rates than other social networks. Photos on the platform get an average of 23 percent more engagement than their Facebook counterparts, according to recent numbers from Facebook (which owns Instagram).

Anecdotally, we can vouch for an increase in the popularity of Instagram, from jewelry professionals and fans alike. We’ve enjoyed a slow-but-steady build in audience since launching our feed a few years back. And in response to the traffic increase, we’ve turned more of our attention to creating engaging content for the feed—and have had a ball embracing Instagram’s enjoyably erratic movable feast: the Stories feature. (Click here to follow us on Instagram.)

As we’ve grown, it’s been interesting to see what pieces of content you’ve been moved to “like” on the feed. We know, for instance, that big and bold colored gemstones—sapphires, rubies, emeralds, or opals—always inspire clicks. As does any coverage of the British royal family and their jewels.

But what we relish most about what and how you “like” is how often you reward truly innovative, unusual designs. You have amazing taste, and we thank you for it.

To wrap up our year on Instagram with a bang, we’ve corralled our five most popular posts from 2018.



Our post teasing a fun story about jewels that matched college football team colors—written by JCK managing editor Melissa Bernardo and featuring rings from Sarah Hendler that matched Clemson’s colors—was a big hit and ended up boosting engagement on the platform for a few of the designers mentioned.

A sparkly Lauren K Fine Jewelry ring—captured by JCK contributor Amy Elliott at the JA New York Show—struck an “ooh-ahhh” chord with hundreds on our feed.


That Markle Sparkle was a consistent hit on Instagram (and not just for us, obviously). This picture in particular, which featured a rare closeup of the duchess’ wedding band/engagement set, enthralled users.


Alexis Bittar’s gold-plated bus, headed at the time to the Coachella music festival, was beloved by our IG readers, garnering comments: “Close up please! Love this!” and “Jewelry brand goals!”

King Frog Ring Julie Genet


Reactions on Instagram to the King Frog ring, an elegant and playful design from Julie Genet, were swift and numerous! “Seriously love this!” wrote one commenter, while another simply stated, “LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.”

Top: Julie Genet King Frog ring (photo courtesy Julie Genet)

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