JCK Marketplace’s 2014 Jewelry Blogger Holiday Wish List

2014 JCK Marketplace jewelry blogger holiday wishlist

Managing JCK Marketplace means that I am constantly compiling a mental wish list of jewels for myself day after day. I often share those items with you via a weekly Britt’s Pick, all the while coveting each and every sparkle. And since wish list is so synonymous with the holiday season, I was curious to see what others were favoriting this year, namely some of my favorite industry bloggers. These ladies were gracious to share their picks with me, joining in on the fun of my first annual Jewelry Blogger Holiday Wish List.

Gem Gossip wishlist header

Gem Gossip's Danielle Miele

Barcelona multicolor enamel ring, BAGUÉS-MASRIERA

“The enameling on this ring reminds me of stained glass. I love the beautiful festive colors. It takes me back to the memories of attending midnight mass on Christmas Eve with my family and being all together during the holiday season. I would enjoy wearing this underneath the twinkling lights, with this ring being my own personal stained-glass scene.”

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Masriera Barcelona multicolor enamel ring

Adornmentality wishlist header  Adornmentality's Barbara Palumbo

Sticks & Stones–created padparadscha earrings, Chatham Created Gems

“‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me….’ There are so many reasons to love these created padparadscha earrings by Chatham Created gems, but I’m only going to give you three. First, the name. The original middle-schooler’s anthem is just as vital today as it was back in 4th grade, and if you’re an overly opinionated gal like I’m often accused of being, some of those names (think: rhymes with stitch) just happen to come with the territory. Second, the color. Somewhat pink, somewhat orange, but frankly, I see what I want to see, and these, to me, are blatantly red. Red is the color of love, lust, sensuality, and, well, war. Um, hello? Have you met me?? Third and final reason I’m putting these on my wish list: The fact that they’re lab-created means they’re a fraction of the price of what natural padparadschas would be, and for fashion earrings that I may wear only once in a while, it’s a smart choice in an economy that is only just coming back.”

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Chatham Created Gems Sticks Stones created padparadscha earrings


 Jewels holiday wishlist header

Erika WintersEmerald Mandala cuff bracelet, Temple St. Clair

“When I started searching JCK Marketplace for a jewelry piece for my holiday wish list, I had a budget in mind. Well, I quickly forgot about my budget when I start dreaming about pieces that I would really love to own. So when I saw that JCK Marketplace features Temple St. Clair’s emerald Mandala cuff, that was it. I have long admired this cuff. (I actually pinned it to my Temple St. Clair pinboard two years ago.) The cuff comprises so many things I love about jewelry in one sleek piece. I love all things bold and gold. And emeralds (I’m a May baby, after all)—specifically emerald cabochons—are gems I covet like no other. TSC’s cuff is gorgeous and timeless, showcasing her stunning classical sensibility. Yes, please!”

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Temple St. Clair emerald Mandala cuff bracelet


Diamonds in the Library wishlist headerDiamonds in the Library's Becky Cole

Ivory Sky earrings, Doves by Doron Paloma.

“My wish list pick is the Doves by Doron Paloma Ivory Sky earrings. There were so many gorgeous jewels to choose from on JCK Marketplace, but when it comes to what I’d actually pick to wear in my real life, these babies are at the top of my list. The sleek, gently curvaceous shape of the overall silhouette makes them elegant and timeless; the color of the central element makes them dreamy and captivating. They’re a statement piece that’s still neutral enough to go with a lot of different outfits, which is exactly what I want out of my major jewelry at this stage in my life. Basically, they’re perfect.”

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Doves by Doron Paloma Ivory Sky earrings


idazzle holiday wishlist header

idazzle's Monica Stephenson


Pear and kite alexandrite pendant, Omi Privé

“I sat next to Niveet, owner and principal designer for Omi Privé, at a blogger event for the LUXURY show. The company is known for its exceptional gemstones, and Niveet was passionate about gems, especially alexandrite. I found myself newly captivated by the rarity of this gem and its color-change phenomenon. Now I covet this pendant that features this intriguing gem not just in its centerpiece, but as accents around the kite-shape diamond at the top. I hope Santa is reading this.”

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Omi Prive pear and kite alexandrite pendant

Style 360 holiday wishlist headerJCK Style 360's Jennifer Heebner

Kaslique mother-of-pearl necklace, Gabriel & Co.

“I’m impressed with Gabriel & Co.’s offerings this year, which include a number of trendy, fun styles like this 14k gold and mother-of-pearl chevron necklace. It’s part of its Kaslique collection, and I love its minimalist lines, the black mother-of-pearl (I’m a sucker for pearl anything!), and its delicate dusting of diamonds that makes the understated look just a touch more noticeable. Plus, at $1,210 retail, it’s not too far out of financial reach for most.”

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Gabriel Co. Kaslique mother of pearl pendant


CherylKremkow holiday wishlist headerCheryl Kremkow

Black opal and moonstone earrings, Yael Designs

“I love the combination of gems and vivid colors in these dramatic earrings. The spessartite garnet really accentuates the sheen in the moonstone and the fire in the opal. (I saw these at Spectrum and can confirm that they are even more gorgeous in person.)

See jewelry trends from the runway to the red carpet and more at Cherylkremkow.com.



Yael Designs Blaze opal and moonstone earrings



Designer to Watch Kaura Jewels holiday wishlist headerKaura Jewels Harvinder Kaur Keila

Matrix two-tone ruby ring, Nada G

“The perfect cocktail ring, I would totally wear it with jeans! The rubies warm up the ring, perfect for the holiday season. I like the smooth shape of the ring, clearly indicating that it will be comfortable to wear and will not snag my dress.”

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Nada G Matrix double color ruby and diamond



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