JCK Marketplace 200: Our Sneak Peek at the 2014 JCK Las Vegas Jewels

JCK Marketplace 200 Las Vegas show preview

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My second annual JCK Marketplace preview of the jewels to see in Vegas is here, and this year, it’s almost doubled in size! I’ve checked in with some favorite exhibitors of yours and mine to get an idea of what they’ll be bringing to the show floor. Just a taste: one selection per brand to help you get excited (as if you weren’t already!) for the most memorable show yet. Scroll through the whole guide for a preview brimming with more than 200 exciting designs, or use the navigation links below to jump through sections of the show floor (but if I were you, I’d check out all of them—these are too good to miss). See you on the show floor!


Amden Jewelry fancy diamond snake ring

Amden Jewelry, LUX917

Kama Schachter Florence pink diamond bracelet

Kama Schachter, LUX1911

EJ Diamonds radiant diamond engagement ring

EJ Diamonds, LUX1017


Asher Jewelry Rainbow Diamond bypass ring

Asher Jewelry, LUX1712


ASHI Diamonds brown diamond bypass ring

ASHI Diamonds, LUX1709


Garavelli filigree Diva pendant

Garavelli, LUX1030


Le Vian Gladiator Weave Chocolate Diamonds ring

Le Vian, LUX727


Lenti & Villasco multicolor brown diamond necklace

Lenti & Villasco, LUX503


Dilamani Designs natural rose-cut diamond collection

Dilamani Designs, LUX237


Sethi Couture black diamond tassel necklace

Sethi Couture, LUX607



Coast Diamond Charisma collection engagement ring

Coast Diamond, LUX321



Danhov Unito double-wire diamond engagement ring

Danhov, LUX301



Demarco Jewelry princess-cut diamond engagement ring

Demarco Jewelry, LUX505


Divine diamond engagement ring collection

Divine, LUX1216


Henri Daussi Signature Daussi Cushion cut diamond engagement ring

Henri Daussi, LUX1211


HJ Namdar Forevermark diamond engagement rings

H.J. Namdar, LUX1303


Jack Kelege white and pink diamond engagement ring

Jack Kelége, LUX300


Joshua J radiant 7ct diamond engagement ring

Joshua J. Fine Jewelry, LUX733


Kirk Kara Stella diamond engagement ring

Kirk Kara, LUX1120


Michael B Petite Infinity diamond engagement ring

Michael B, LUX633


Parade Design Reverie rose gold engagement ring

Parade Designs, LUX1121


Sebastien Barier octagonal halo vintage engagement ring

Sebastien Barier, LUX1203A


SES Creations oval and half moon diamond engagement ring

SES Creations, LUX911


Simon G split-shank diamond engagement ring

Simon G., LUX527


Norman Silverman Diamonds three-stone diamond rings

Norman Silverman Diamonds, LUX1127


Sonette multicolor halo diamond engagement ring

Isabelle Langlois by Sonette, LUX906


Supreme Jewelry quilted diamond engagement ring

Supreme Jewelry, LUX611


Sylvie diamond engagement ring

Sylvie Collection, LUX101


Venetti rose gold halo diamond engagement ring

Venetti, LUX804


Zeghani triple-row diamond engagement ring

Zeghani, LUX734


Verragio Couture diamond engagement ring

Verragio, LUX1027



Coronet Diamonds Hekate diamond collar necklace

Coronet Diamonds, LUX1809


KC Designs diamond feather ring

KC Designs, LUX811


Nader Kash cushion brilliant diamond necklace

Nader Kash International, LUX1331


Elma Gil diamond wave circle pendant

Elma Gil, LUX530


izi Creations rose gold diamond bracelets

izi Creations, LUX1330


Rahaminov Diamonds rose-cut diamond cuff bracelet

Rahaminov Diamonds, LUX921


Beny's Sofer Diva collection ceramic diamond bracelet

Beny Sofer, LUX400


Makur Argentium silver and rose gold diamond ring

Makur, LUX502


Alisa two-tone basketweave bangle

Alisa, LUX330


Pampillonia custom sterling silver golf tees

Pampillonia, LUX333


Artistry, Ltd Blue-Green Passion ring



Emsaru Ceylon sapphire drop earrings

Emsaru, LUX1230


JB Star platinum 10ct cushion sapphire ring

JB Star, LUX519


Jewels by Jacob sapphire and diamond collection

Jewels by Jacob, LUX230


Ziva Jewels sapphire three-stone halo ring

Ziva Jewels, LUX1901

Jack Abraham platinum 7ct ruby and diamond ring

Jack Abraham, LUX1117


Bayco cabochon emerald suite

Bayco, LUX1221


Sofragem tanzanite and emerald cocktail ring

Sofragem, LUX1300




BELLARRI Tango collection gemstone rings



Rina Limor Designs carved amethyst drop earrings

Rina Limor, LUX908


CH Hakimi violet spinel drop earrings

CH. Hakimi, LUX311


Frederic Sage Venus round shell collection

Frederic Sage, LUX227


S&R Designs Four Keeps round locket pendant

S&R Designs, LUX210


H. Weiss Tourmalina collection cuff bracelet

H. Weiss, LUX410


Jordan Scott Designs one-of-a-kind paraiba drop earrings

Jordan Scott Designs, LUX710


Sutra paraiba burst drop earrings

Sutra, LUX316


Lorenzo citrine butterfly jewelry suite

Lorenzo USA, LUX232



ARA Collection pearl and Australian opal jewelry collection

ARA Collection, LUX406


Emiko Pearls double baroque pearl ring

Emiko Pearls International, LUX137


Marco Moore Terri multicolor watch

Marco Moore, LUX1900

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JCK LUXURY Elite Enclave 2014

Hulchi Belluni Friendship collection stacking rings

Hulchi Belluni, LUXEE11


Sasha Primak diamond remount engagement rings

Sasha Primak, LUXEE15


Shah Diamonds Shah luxury boutique diamond engagement ring

Shah Diamonds, LUXEE4


Jack Vartanian emerald climbing earrings

Jack Vartanian, LUXEE3



Nicholas Liu Amara single earring

Nicholas Liu Fine Jewels, LUXEE3


V Tse Sphene and yellow sapphire ring

V Tse, LUXEE13


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JCK Las Vegas Prestige 2014


GemPlatinum fancy yellow diamond Amulet pendant

Gem Platinum, P-53


Charles Krypell Precious Pastel collection fancy diamond rings

Charles Krypell, P-26


A. Link diamond bridal collection

A. Link, P-32


William Levine cushion-cut diamond salon bracelet

William Levine, P-33



Memoire Pave Silk diamond and sapphire bands

Mémoire, P-28


Facet Barcelona Woven Pave collection diamond rings

Facet Barcelona, P-52



I. Reiss hammered disc diamond earrings

I. Reiss, P-22



Bapaplal Keshavlal rose gold lace bangle

Bapalal Keshavlal, P-47



Gumuchian B collection honeycomb hoop earrings

Gumuchian, P-23



Eliko Pearl pistachio pearl strand necklace

Eliko Pearl, P-35



Belpearl Indigo pearl and sapphire ring

Belpearl, P-8


Beverley K vintage-style sapphire and diamond ring

Beverley K, P-10



John Buechner ruby and old Euro diamond ring

John Buechner, P-55



Omi Prive opal ring with tsavorite and sapphire

Omi Privé, P-58


Lauren K Gemma opal and tanzanite drop earrings

Lauren K, P-13



Color Story Reflections colored gemstone collection

Color Story, P-27



Bergio precious topaz Sistina ring

Bergio, P-51


Bohemme carnelian curve ring

Bohemme, P-49


Charles Garnier Paris Paolo collection woven cuff bracelet

Charles Garnier Paris, P-36


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JCK Las Vegas Plumb Club 2014


Stuller geometric solid stud earrings

Stuller, PC-850

Quality Gold Leslie's Italian gold collection

Leslie’s by Quality Gold, PC-540


Sara Blaine antiqued stacking rings

Sara Blaine, PC-450

ARIVA birthstone stacking bangles 



Mastoloni Pearls pearl and gemstone opera necklaces

Mastoloni Pearls, PC-300


Imperial Pearl Windsor pearl swirl ring

Imperial Pearl, PC-500


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Davide Molina bangles collection diamond bracelets

Davide Molina, S12107


Dolceoro Sara collection bracelets

Dolceoro Gioielli, S12507


Officina Bernardi moon bead spiral bracelet

Officina Bernardi, S12131


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JCK Las Vegas Design Center 2014


Danhier Gazette sapphire bypass ring

Danhier, S10615


Kurtulan gold vine collar necklace

Kurtulan Designs, 10619


Art of Henri Dream in Color necklaces

Art of Henri, S10803


Bahina rainbow bezel gemstone bracelet

Bahina Jewels, S10914


Denise James one-of-a-kind aquamarine necklace

Denise James, S10617


Zina Z.XIV Jewelry colleciton

Zina Sterling Silver, S11013


Cornelia Goldsmith aquamarine Glacier ring

Cornelia Goldsmith, S10907


Gina Pankowski Lattis collection lapis earrings

Gina Pankowski Jewelry, S10807



Marcel Roelefs lapis Vario clasp pendant

Marcel Roelofs, S10607



Michael Jensen Classic lapis ring

Michael Jensen Designs, 10601L


What's Your Sign Jewelry Starz blue lapis pendant

What’s Your Sign?, S10819



Lika Behar ocean moonstone necklace

Lika Behar, S10606


Meredith Marks Sylvia opal necklace

Meredith Marks, S10906



Jorge Revilla Infinito circle pendant

Jorge Revilla, S10812



Shay Jewelry pave diamond teardrop ear cuffs

Shay, S10312



Thyreos Greek dagger cuff bracelet

Thyreos Vassiliki, S10614


Conni Mainne stack collection gold bands

Conni Mainne, S10912



Frank Reubel Designs four-prong diamond engagement ring

Frank Reubel Designs, S10618


Sholdt Rainier collection engagement ring

Sholdt, S10706


Heather Moore bridal collection

Heather Moore, S10806


Dana David Scribble collection Thompson earrings

Dana David, S10601A


Bernd Wolf bicolor Flowertime pendants

Bernd Wolf, S10713


Marcin Zaremski interlock cuff bracelets

Marcin Zaremski, S10904



Dorian & Rose Marcus Porcious Cato Roman coin pendant

Dorian & Rose, S10401


Susan Wheeler grey rustic diamond ring

Susan Wheeler Design, S10900J


Ed Levin Jewelry Shooting Star bracelet

Ed Levin Jewelry, S10908



Keith Jack Tree of Life collection

Keith Jack, S10500


Danafisi tricolor gold station ring

Danafisi, S10900B


Toby Pomeroy long Galaxy Eclipse earrings

Toby Pomeroy, S10808


Repousse Peony two-tone necklace

Repoussé, S10900E 


Eva Stone silver words wrap ring

Eva Stone, S10400


Thistle & Bee Stained Glass bracelet

Thistle & Bee, S10916


Erik Stewart Fluted Drop color earrings

Erik Stewart, S10705


BIALOS blue and white sapphire teardrop earrings and ring

BIALOS, S10517


La Corza Blue Lagoon two finger ring

La Corza by Sabo Designs, S10301


Amy Kahn Russel hand-carved tourmaline necklace

Amy Kahn Russell, S10818


Tinguely Bijoux Boulder opal cluster ring

Tinguely Bijoux, S10601F


Sydney Lynch Koroit opal twig cuff

Sydney Lynch, S10905


Lilly Barrack turquoise and champagne zircon set

Lilly Barrack, S10504


ZDNY elongated turquoise pendant

ZDNY & Co., S11012


VIVAAN bicolor tanzanite drop earrings

VIVAAN, S11006


Lord Jewelry french enamel butterfly necklace

Lord Jewelry, S11002


Freida Rothman black and silver stacking bangles

Freida Rothman, S10200


KIR Tanduk blak horn necklace

KIR, 10309


Echo of the Dreamer gemstone front clasp collar

Echo of the Dreamer, S11019


Margo Morrison colored gemstone cord necklaces

Margo Morrison New York, S10805


Hagit Kalos glass flower necklace

Hagit Gorali, S10409


Kevin O'Grady flower garden bangle bracelet

Kevin O’Grady, S10600


Kelim Jewelry Design Circus necklace

Kelim Jewelry Design, S10813

Chris Ploof band collection

Chris Ploof Studio, S10704


Argento Vivo labradorite bib necklace

Argento Vivo, S10405


Evocateur Red Canyons cuff bracelet

Évocateur, S10317

Danielle Welmond rainbow moonstone teardrop pendant

Danielle Welmond, S10601I


Nina Nguyen Pallas stacking bangles

Nina Nguyen Designs, S10419


Rebecca Hook turquoise horseshoe earrings

Rebecca Hook Jewelry, S10900K


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JCK Rising Stars 2014


Irthly Jewelled Adornments ART D'ECO earrings

Irthly Jewelled Adornments, S11103


Kaura Jewels Ruby Ghoda necklace

Kaura Jewels, S11101


Natalie Dissel Blue Velvet cocktail ring

Natalie Dissel, S11102


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JCK Las Vegas 2014 bridal


Daviani rose gold accent engagement ring

Daviani, S10148


MaeVona diamond engagement rings

MaeVona, S10125


Casting House crossover diamond engagement ring

Casting House, S10454


MARS princess halo engagement ring

MARS, S10441


Whitehouse Brothers cascading scroll engagement ring

Whitehouse Brothers, S10455


Dora International leaf edge Spartan wedding band

Dora International, S10358


Rising Time cobalt carbide wedding band

Rising Time, S10277


Malo Creations Marni titanium wedding band

Malo Creations, S10352


Adwar Casting Company diamond X ring

Adwar Casting Company, S10219


Benjamin & Co. ornate diamond link bracelet

Benjamin & Co., S10428


Gregorio pink sapphire marquise engagement ring

Gregorio Jewelry, S10463


Unique Settings of NY colored gemstone ring collection

Unique Settings of NY, S10525


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JCK Las Vegas Fashion 2014


Bassali Jewelry triplet opal cocktail rings

Bassali Jewelry, B5139


Bel Air Jewelry square-cut emerald ring

Bel Air Jewelry, B5569

A&P Afarin diamond loops ring

A&P Afarin, B5629


Lau International diamond oval bead bangle

Lau International, B5352


Shy Creation diamond arrow stud earrings

Shy Creation, B5678


Lafonn Symphony stacking bangles

Lafonn, B5472


ELLE Time & Jewelry ESSENCE collection ring

ELLE Time & Jewelry, B5329


Samuel B Silver Story labradorite necklace

The Samuel B.Collection, B5166


Marcia Moran mixed gemstone cuff bracelet

Marcia Moran, B5174


Cristina Sabatini Numbus bangles

Cristina Sabatini, B5579


Andrew Hamilton Crawford Perception filigree cuff bracelet

Andrew Hamilton Crawford, B5378


Nomination Italy MyBonBons collection

Nomination Italy, B5471


Chamilia Travel collection beads and charms

Chamilia, B5129


Kameleon Double Down ring

Kameleon, B5641


Ivory Jacks organic walrus ivory bangles

Ivory Jacks, B5750


Debbie Brooks burl wood Tuff phone case

Debbie Brooks, B5482


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JCK Las Vegas 2014 Silver

CZ Collections rose triangle CZ pendant

CZ Collections, B5756


Southern Gates Art Deco earrings

Southern Gates, B6065


Joey J two-tone leaf necklace

Joey J, B5850


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JCK Las Vegas 2014 Bayside


A&Z Pearls Frogs Delight

A&Z Pearls, B5707


Steven Douglas Tahitian pearl octopus ring

Steven Douglas Company, B3235


Arzy Company morganite feather drop earrings

Arzy Company, B2241


Vanna K SoleAmore diamond engagement ring

Vanna K, B5519


BA Gold scalloped sapphire collar necklace

B.A. Gold, B5313


Sabrina Designs moonstone and champagne diamond pendant

Sabrina Designs, B2359


Belle Etoile My World globe pendant

Belle Étoile, B5371


Midas Chain polished bar necklace

Midas Chain, B5216


Royal Chain Phillip Gavriel woven collection bracelets

Phillip Gavriel by Royal Chain Group, B5305


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JCK Las Vegas 2014 Shorelines


Rebecca Sahara cuff bracelet

Rebecca, S11479

Carl K Gumpert diamond pace lace ring

Carl K. Gumpert, S10837


Tycoon rose gold bridal collection

Tycoon, S11877

Joseph Blank Bolero collection diamond engagement ring

Joseph Blank, B4241


Kattan radiant yellow diamond engagement ring

Kattan, S10571

Mark Henry alexandrite ballerina ring

Mark Henry, S11670


Pink Diamond carved pink tourmaline earrings

Pink Diamond, S10929


Jasco Designs multicolor blue topaz dome ring

Jasco Designs, S11470


Mason-Kay jadeite Raindrop circle pendant

Mason-Kay, S10370


Jayden Star OroClone crystal collection

Jayden Star, S12450


Lashbrook tiger damascus steel band

Lashbrook, S1041


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JCK Las Vegas 2014 watches


Jorg Gray TImepieces rose gold Ronda watch

Jorg Gray Timepieces, B3031


Rumbatime Gramercy collection watch

RumbaTime, B2627


Bering Time Arctic Symphony rose Stardust ring

Bering Time, B3014


Michele Serein diamond watch

Michele, B2813


Zeon America Ingersoll Great Gatsby watch

Ingersoll by Zeon America, B2928


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JCK Las Vegas 2014 AGTA


Akiva Gil paraiba cabochon dome ring

Akiva Gil, AGTA415


Michael Schofield platinum blue sapphire ring

Michael Schofield & Co., AGTA1100


Royal India USA diamond filigree finger ring

Royal India USA, AGTA323


Rare Earth Mining Co. amethyst stalactite

Rare Earth Mining Co., AGTA427


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JCK Las Vegas 2014 Diamond Plaza

Leibish & Co. Tutti Frutti diamond bracelet

Leibish & Co., B3723


Dalumi Group Golden Diamond collection ring

Dalumi Group, B3225

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