JCK Marketplace 110: A Sneak Peek at the Must-See Jewels From JCK Las Vegas

Are you ready for JCK Las Vegas? We asked 110 of our favorite jewelry suppliers to share with us one piece that they just can’t wait to show you. Here are the results. Vegas or bust!

JCK Marketplace 110

Table of contents:

AGTA | Bayside| Silver | Fashion | Watches | Diamond Plaza | World’s Fair | LUXURY | VicenzaOro Italian Club | Plumb Club | Shorelines | Prestige Promenade | Bridal | Design Center


SNS Jewelry Studio rainbow moonstone ring



1. SNS Jewelry Studio rainbow moonstone ring, AGTA730




2. Ethan Stars stacking bangles, B2452



Ethan Stars stacking bangles



3. Steven Royce Designs alexandrite bypass ring, B5512


Steven Royce ring




4. Edward Mirell carnelian Griffin Guardian ring, B5401


Edward Mirell carnelian Griffin Guardian ring




5. Vanna K Art Deco tassel earrings, B5519


Vanna K Art Deco tassel earrings




6. Parle Jewelry Designs Ceylon sapphire necklace, B5501


Parle Jewelry Designs Ceylon sapphire necklace




7. Belle Étoile blue Nexus bangle, B5317


Belle Étoile blue Nexus bangle




8. Steven Douglas Company mermaid pendant, B3235


Steven Douglas Company



Kit Heath Ravelled Rope ring



9. Kit Heath Ravelled Rope ring, B5968


Cargo Hold Southern Gates Signature Series cuff



10. Cargo Hold Southern Gates Signature Series cuff, B6065




11. Michou prehnite chandelier pendant, B5382



Michou prehnite chandelier pendant



12. Chamilia leather bracelets, B5129


Chamilia leather bracelets




13. Cristina Sabatini Pavone collection, B5483


Cristina Sabatini Pavone collection




14. Nomination Italy Doria collection, B5170


Nomination Italy Doria collection

15. Marcia Moran labradorite drop earrings, B5174



Marcia Moran labradorite drop earrings



16. Alamea Hawaii wood nautilus pendant, B5281


Alamea Hawaii wood nautilus pendant




17. Angelique de Paris Art Deco collection, B5237


Angelique de Paris Art Deco collection




18. Lafonn circle link earrings, B5472


Lafonn circle link earrings




19. Andrew Hamilton Crawford Empire State bracelet, B5378


Andrew Hamilton Crawford Empire State bracelet




20. Ti Sento Milano cat’s eye rings, B5656


Ti Sento Milano cat's eye rings

21. Shy Creation fancy yellow cushion-cut diamond ring, B5678



Shy Creation



MTM Special Ops Watch RAD timepiece



22. MTM Special Ops Watch RAD timepiece, B2507



Diamond Plaza

23. Leibish & Co. Argyle Pink Princess diamond, B3723



Leibish & Co. Argyle Pink Princess diamond


World’s Fair

Art Jouel peridot blackened oval pendant



24. Art Jouel peridot blackened oval pendant, B4083



25. Rina Limor multicolor natural diamond bracelet, LUX908



Rina Limor multicolor natural diamond bracelet



26. Lazare Kaplan 110th Anniversary necklace, LUX827


Lazare Kaplan 110th Anniversary necklace




27. Joshua J fancy yellow emerald-cut diamond ring, LUX836


Joshua J fancy yellow emerald-cut diamond ring




28. Jeff Cooper Henna rose wedding set, LUX233


Jeff Cooper Henna rose wedding set

29. KC Designs diamond snake necklace, LUX811




KC Designs diamond snake necklace



30. Yael Designs emerald slice Scroll ring, LUX400


Yael Designs




31. James Breski 3 Muses ametrine pendant, LUX1001A


James Breski 3 Muses ametrine pendant




32. Alisa satin bow basketweave bangle, LUX330


 Alisa satin bow




33. Gayubo Greco-Roman multicolor cuff bracelet, LUX1235


Gayubo Greco-Roman multicolor cuff bracelet




34. Artistry, Ltd. Cerulean necklace, LUX635


Artistry Ltd.



35. Simon G. multicolor flush diamond ring, LUX527


Simon G. multicolor flush diamond ring




36. Zeghani brown and white diamond dome ring, LUX7346


Zeghani brown and white diamond




37. Kirk Kara Pirouette wedding set, LUX1120


Kirk Kara Pirouette wedding set

38. Norman Covan diamond River rings, LUX417




Norman Covan



39. Whitehouse Brothers 3-stone vintage fashion ring, LUX1512


Whitehouse Brothers




40. Vianna Brasil Gávea collection bracelet, LUX1000


Vianna Brasil Gávea collection




41. Le Vian Couture Strawberry Gold® Gladiator Weave™ Pendant, LUX727


Le Vian Couture




42. Frederic Sage Blossom diamond rings, LUX226


Frederic Sage Blossom




43. Rahaminov yellow and white diamond necklace, LUX921






44. Coast Diamond Charisma engagement ring, LUX227


Coast Diamond Charisma

45. Mark Schneider Design Opulent diamond engagement ring, LUX601A




Mark Schneider



46. Tacori Dantela diamond engagement ring, LUX117






47. Lili Jewelry Meteor Cut diamond ring, LUX1237


Lili Jewelry




48. Sethi Couture Grace collection earrings, LUX607


Sethi Couture




49. Supreme Jewelry black rhodium diamond ring, LUX611


Supreme Jewelry




50. Sonette amethyst earrings, LUX404






51. Jan Leslie Animal Etching cufflinks, LUX1334


Jan Leslie




52. Nader Kash cushion brilliant diamonds, LUX1305


Nader Kash




53. Temple St. Clair Anima cluster pear drop earrings, LUXEE8 (Elite Enclave)


Temple St. Clair




54. Sasha Primak Royal Prong diamond engagement set, LUXEE5 (Elite Enclave)


Sasha Primak




55. Miiori cabochon heart rubellite ring, LUXEE1 (Elite Enclave)




VicenzaOro Italian Club

Le Sibille



56. Le Sibille Grace floral pendant/brooch, S12319



Plumb Club




57. Stuller Missoma Ark flying pig necklace, PC-850






58. Breuning Silver Design Wave cuff, PC-840






59. Sara Blaine Jewelry Aegean Scroll cuff, PC-4500


Sara Blaine




60. Ariva Romantic Bliss pink opal ring, PC-440



61. A. Jaffe diamond halo engagement ring, PC-605



A. Jaffe



Bel Air



62. Bel Air Jewelry multicolor sapphire flower ring, S10375





63. Kattan emerald peacock pendant, S10571


Carla Corporation



64. Carla Corporation rock crystal station necklace, S11871





65. EFFY Collection Signature panther-inspired ring, S10724



Prestige Promenade

66. Oscar Heyman multicolor sapphire and diamond necklace, PP-12



Oscar Heyman

67. Guertin Brothers 3-band diamond rolling ring, PP-40



Guertin Brothers

68. Lauren K Gemma natural aquamarine pendant, PP-62



Lauren K Gemma

69. Hubert multicolor tourmaline pendant, PP-24




70. Omi Privé violet-blue sapphire ring, PP-37



Omi Privé

71. Gem Platinum diamond cage bracelet, PP-22



Gem Platinum

72. I. Reiss multi-row diamond bead cuff bracelet, PP-41



I. Reiss

73. Bapalal Keshavlal ruby feather earrings, PP-8




74. Facet Barcelona diamond Bird’s Cage ring, PP-53



Facet Barcelona



Fable Designs



75. Fable Designs bark finish titanium wedding band, S10256


MaeVona Cava



76. MaeVona Cava marquise diamond wedding set, S10125


Benjamin & Co.



77. Benjamin & Co. rose gold diamond tennis bracelet, S10428





78. REKO martini stud earring settings, S10216





79. Dora International link motif wedding band, S10358





80. Adwar Casting Company diamond snake ring, S10219



Design Center

81. Raymond Hak Couture Cosmos pendant, S11006



Raymond Hak

82. RevaBella Gold Silk collection pendant, S10821




83. Christophe Danhier CANDIDE EyE pendant, S10604



Christophe Danhier

84. Baroni Menagerie collection pendants, S10314



Baroni Menagerie

85. Anna Ruth Henriques Third Eye ring, S11004



Anna Ruth

86. Susan Wheeler Design Lakewoods Landscape necklace, S10900J



Susan Wheeler

87. Ed Levin Gem Lace emerald topaz earrings, S10908



 Ed Levin

88. Frederic Duclos Golden Drusy rectangle pendant, S10513



Frederic Duclos

89. Echo of the Dreamer bar pearl collar necklace, S11019




90. Sydney Lynch opal Twig cuff bracelet, S10619



Sydney Lynch

91. David Tishbi hammered diamond cross pendant, S11108



David Tishbi

92. Frank Reubel tanzanite tension-set ring, S10618



Frank Reubel

93. Sarah McGuire Studio Cat’s Cradle necklace, S10902



Sarah McGuire

94. Lauren G Adams Caribbean Waters bracelet, S10313



Lauren G Adams

95. Margery Hirschey tourmaline, apatite, and opal line earrings, S10601F



Margery Hirschey

96. Tateossian vintage skeleton mechanical cufflinks, S10521




97. ChristineDarren multi-drusy Shimmer earrings, S10304




98. Karin Jamieson colored gemstone rope necklace, S10601A



Karin Jamieson

99. Conni Mainne gray diamond Jungle Dreams ring, S10912



Conni Mainne

100. Loretta Castoro Love Doves morganite necklace, S10601G



Loretta Castoro

101. Stambolian Beginnings collection serpentine bracelet, S10805




102. GeoArt by Cynthia Gale Secret Garden necklace, S10512




103. KIR Chandi cuff bracelet, S10309




104. Bibi van der Velden polky diamond Rock ring, S111049



Bibi van der Velden

105. Thistle & Bee hammered cuff bracelet, S10916



Thistle & Bee

106. Dina Mackney blue topaz and boulder opal pendant, S10601H



Dina Mackney

107. Anatol Jewellery diamond color cord bracelet, S10614




108. Denise James Skyline morganite ring, S10900K



Denise James

109. Chris Ploof ring collection, S10704



Chris Ploof

110. Genevieve Yang Starry Landscape cuff, S10807




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