JCK LUXURY 2018: Roberto Demeglio to Debut New Men’s Collection

Jewelry brand Roberto Demeglio is famous for its high-quality stretch ceramic bracelets for women. But at this year’s JCK LUXURY show, the Italian atelier will be offering something made specifically for the guys: a full collection of ceramic and gold bracelets that feature the company’s patented coil stretch technology.

The Dado bracelet collection was inspired by the runaway success of the brand’s ceramic-and-diamond jewelry collections for women. The men’s looks feature similarly patterned designs wrought in matte high-tech ceramic or gold with diamonds. Bracelets in the collection start at $450.

We asked company founder and designer Roberto Demeglio about his new men’s range.

JCK: What made you want to create a collection for the men’s market?

Roberto Demeglio: Ever since we came out with the Pura collection [of diamond and ceramic styles] the designs have caught the eye of men around the world. When we developed the new Dado collection…we thought it would fill a gap in the market for the fashion-conscious man who wears designer clothing and accessorizes his wardrobe with jewelry. In the last few years, men have begun to wear jewelry, not just watches. [These styles] allow men to go for a stylish and sophisticated look, without the heaviness of a gold chain or gold bracelet.

Roberto Demeglio Dado silver bracelet Roberto Demeglio Dado black bracelet Roberto Demeglio Dado gold and black bracelet
Bracelets from the new Dado collection by Roberto Demeglio 

What was your goal, artistically, with the collection?

With all of our collections, the main goal is always to create beautiful jewels that are practical and easy to wear. We achieve that goal with the spring and the elasticity of our pieces, [which is] the Roberto Demeglio signature trademark. With Dado, we wanted to do something different. We wanted to design a bracelet that was flexible, stackable, and original. We also wanted  the ability to personalize it. We accomplished that when we started to experiment with symbols like the evil eye, smiley face, and Tao.

How is this a departure or continuation for the brand?

Dado definitely follows our brand’s philosophy. The materials are the best available on the market, and every piece is flexible and easy to wear. The high-tech ceramic, which we used first in our best-selling Domino collection that was introduced over 10 years ago, makes it instantly recognizable to the consumer as a Roberto Demeglio piece.

Launching the collection in the men’s jewelry market is a big departure for us, but it’s not the first time we have created men’s jewelry. The Domino and Pura collections were a true success with men, too. Although originally designed to be worn by women, men liked it as well. This resulted in our making many of the pieces in men’s sizes—especially the bracelets in black ceramic with black diamonds.

Roberto Demeglio will be showcasing its Dado collection, among others, at the LUXURY show, booth 1221.

Top: Bracelets from Roberto Demeglio’s new Dado collection for men (all images courtesy of Roberto Demeglio)

JCK Magazine Editor