JCK launches an online marketplace and community at the JCK Show

The JCKmarketplace, a new online community and marketplace for the diamond, gems, and jewelry industries, was launched at The JCK Show ~ Las Vegas 2005 on Friday.

“Anybody in the jewelry industry can jump on board,” said Jim Mataich, JCKmarketplace president. “We are bringing the whole jewelry industry onto our Web site for all their needs.”

The Web portal has two major components:

First, it’s a message board that the worldwide jewelry industry can use to share information and to have formal and informal discussions on a number of topics, including diamonds, gemstones, fine jewelry, and technology. It’s a way to create a virtual community dedicated to the jewelry industry. Mataich says it is the only discussion forum in the industry that follows a thread. This area requires a free registration and proof that a user is part of the industry.

Second, it’s a marketplace where retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and trade shops can buy and sell their products and services. The site contains inventories of diamonds, gemstones, jewelry, and watches. Users can download inventory lists. A “Virtual Loupe” tool allows users to view a magnified image of the product, which can be viewed from any angle. This service costs $75 per month for industry professionals.

Consumers also can use the site under the guidance of a retailer. Retailers can dedicate a space for a computer. Consumers can use the computer as a virtual design tool to view how different diamonds, gemstones, and mountings will look together. Consumers will never be able to view the cost of the products.

In addition, price lists are set with encrypted code so they can’t be cut and pasted onto other documents.