JCK Las Vegas to Feature New Gemstone Neighborhood at Sands Expo in 2019

The JCK Events team announced today that JCK Las Vegas 2019 will feature a new International Gemstone neighborhood, an expansion made possible by the show’s relocation to the Venetian/Sands Expo and Convention Center.

The addition, which will house gemstone suppliers from around the world, comes at the request of the show’s buyers and promises to offer an opportunity for those buyers to source directly from dealers both domestic and international. The new neighborhood will open on June 1, 2019—one day before the opening of JCK Las Vegas—and run through June 5.

“Adding an international presence for gemstone suppliers offers a unique, unrivaled opportunity for our vast audience of 20,000-plus domestic and global buyers,” says JCK senior vice president Yancy Weinrich. “With the move back to the Sands Expo and Convention Center, we have the opportunity to offer new experiences and features in an upscale, more buyer-friendly environment.

“We are building our 2019 event together with the industry, to deliver a marketplace that will be customizable and addresses the challenges buyers face in today’s market,” Weinrich adds. “For our exhibiting customers, our mission continues to be about delivering qualified buyers to JCK by expanding our reach into new markets, with new partnerships and strategic initiatives designed to increase buying on our show floor.”

For more details, visit jckonline.com/lasvegas.

2 responses to “JCK Las Vegas to Feature New Gemstone Neighborhood at Sands Expo in 2019”

  1. Quite frankly a move back to the sands will not be a “upscale,more buyer friendly environment”. The lower level will in fact still be a parking garage with low ceilings. Big mistake JCK.

    • I have the same old feeling, so not sure, it may take the high end & Luxury class away.

      They say Sands expo is completely renovated. I personally do not feel it is a step up. lets wait till 2019 and see.

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