JCK Las Vegas: Israel Diamond Industry Embraces Social Networking

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The Israel Diamond Institute has embraced social networking –  including launching its own YouTube channel.

The Institute also now has a presence on social media sites facebook, twitter, and linked in, as well as a blog. They can all be accessed via the Israel Diamond Institute’s flagship portal.

The social media presence will enable retailers to virtually “meet” new suppliers.

“They will operate as full-fledged 24-7 business cards,”  said IDI spokeswoman Alissa Goren, at a press conference at JCK Las Vegas announcing the initiative, which is “Stage 4” of its “Together Works” campaign.

She also said it would let retailers put a “face” on faraway Israel diamantaires.

“We want to provide a platform for people to get to know a diamantaire without physically being in their room,” she said.

To date, the IDI youtube channel has uploaded 38 unique videos, each featuring a different Israel diamond company. 

IDI chairman Eli Avidar noted “this campaign is strictly different from the usual,” and showcases the IDI’s commitment to “out of the box” thinking.