JCK Events and JCK Magazine Award 2010 Industry Fund Recipients

JCK FundJCK Events and JCK Magazine announced Tuesday the six organizations that have been awarded JCK Industry Fund grants for this year.

Diamond Development Initiative, Jewelers of America, Womens Jewelry Association, American Gem Society, Jewelers Vigilance Committee and the Jewelers Security Alliance received part of the $400,000 that is granted every year to individuals, groups, or associations who work towards the betterment of the overall industry.

DDI is continuing to develop and create the Development Diamond Standards, a verifiable certification system for artisanally mined diamonds.

JA‘s purpose is to strengthen the political voice of the jewelry industry by developing an awareness campaign, conducting grassroots advocacy programming and by implementing tools for political action on behalf of the jewelry industry’s concerns.

The WJA used its award to support the Women in the Know Conference and was able to merge the regional conferences into a National Conference.

AGS used the grant money to hold its annual conclave. The gathering provided the industry with a comprehensive continuing educational program and its annual membership meeting.

JVC is putting the grant money toward implementation of Phase II of the Jade Act of 2008 and continued implementation of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

JSA produced a series of five-minute crime prevention training videos for jewelers on: Preventing Losses on the Road; Reducing your Risk of Robbery; Reducing your Risk of Burglary; Reduce Shipping Losses; Prevent Credit Card Losses; Reducing Theft Losses in Grab and Run, Switches and Sneak Thefts.

The JCK Industry Fund recipients will receive their awards at a presentation ceremony at JCK Las Vegas in June.

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