JCK 5: Retail Jewelers on the JCK Show

With the buzz and energy of the JCK Las Vegas Show still fresh in the minds of retailers, store owners share their impressions of the new venue, vendors they sought out, and jewelry and loose stones purchased at the June event.

Marc Solomon, owner

Solomons Jewelers

Plainview and Albertson, N.Y.

“It was everyone’s first time, so people were a little confused. But, there were plenty of helpful outlets to get information on where to go. The Mandalay Bay has a good layout that’s nice, new, and fresh. The main items I was looking for were natural fancy colored diamonds. I was checking out vendors at the LUXURY show and the Prestige Promenade for fancy intense yellows and pinks. I did see some blues, but the prices were a little too high.”

David Dumas, owner

Diamonds and Gold International Inc.

St. Louis Park, Minn.

“The venue felt bigger to me. Some vendors said there weren’t as many exhibitors at the show, but I would assume it was because it was a different setting for everyone. I also thought the Mandalay was nicer, cleaner, more upscale venue. During the JCK show I added a new silver line. At the LUXURY show I discovered a silver jewelry designer of similar caliber and quality that I’m thinking of adding later this year—very nice stuff. At JCK, I also saw three vendors we know to restock diamond rings and two other trusted vendors to restock rings set with colored stones.”

Doug Meadows, owner

David Douglas Diamonds & Jewelry

Marietta, Ga.

“I loved the new venue because it brings everything together, making it easy to get to LUXURY and JCK. The “Ask Me” people were everywhere and were very friendly and helpful. After the first day is was pretty easy to manage. And, I liked the cleaner bathrooms. I shopped for some designer jewelry with Hidalgo and Galatea, an exhibitor that has some really cool carved pearl pieces. I also met with some new bridal vendors. I met some that I really liked and will have their reps come to the store where we can conduct business in a more relaxed setting. I looked in to alternatives to tungsten and titanium wedding bands. Chris Ploof Design Studio works with mokume gane rings and Damascus steel, both metals which can be sized easier than tungsten and titanium.”

Tom Dougherty, founder/CEO

Studio 2015 Jewelry

Woodstock, Ill.  

“We found the Mandalay Bay venue easier to get around. We used the iPad app, which worked very well us. And the “Ask Me” people were easy to see and find just about anywhere. And they were always helpful in directing us to our next destination. We were on the lookout to find new vendors and products in bridal, suppliers for loose diamonds, and fashion jewelry in silver and gold. From Couture on one of the strip to the Plumb Club and other JCK show exhibitions, we were able to move from show to show to find what we needed with the shuttle bus system. Also, we did some buying and met with vendors to make it a successful show for us. There’ll be much after-show follow-up. We already have seven appointments with vendors from the show.”  

Philip Livingston, owner

Elegant Slumming Jewels and Gifts

Rehoboth Beach, Del. 

“Once you got the lay of the land, JCK was a pretty easy show to navigate. Each year I make it a point to pick up at least one new line or as many as three. At this year’s show I signed up with two really good new lines. I signed up with Norman Covan for his diamond fashion and precious color fashion. And for semiprecious I signed with Vianna. I’m not much of a bridal store so these two new lines will work nicely with my existing lines. It was a good show for me.”

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