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De Beers
class-action settlement:

Customer: I saw in some magazine that I might be eligible to get cash back on my diamond jewelry purchases because of a class-action suit against De Beers. What’s that all about?

Jeweler: There has been a proposed settlement on a class-action suit against De Beers—and consumers can file a claim to share in the settlement. We understand that a special Web site has been set up at www.diamondsclassaction.com, where you can file your claim online.

Customer: I have no idea how much I’ve bought from you over the years—the notice said I could file a claim for anything I’ve purchased between 1994 and some time in 2006.

Jeweler: Yes, we understand that the claims period for consumers goes from Jan. 1, 1994, and March 31, 2006. We can do some research and get back to you concerning the information we have for your purchases on file. I can’t promise we have records that go back that far, but we’ll do our best to give you a summary of all your purchases we have on record.

Customer: Do I need to have receipts for all of my purchases?

Jeweler: We understand that you don’t need to submit proof of your purchases with your claim form, because it’s an online submission. But the claims administrator has stated that it might request proof of your purchases at some point, so it would be a good idea to check your own files, too, for receipts, credit card statements, diamond grading reports or appraisals, insurance statements, or any other records of your purchases.

Customer: How much will I get, do you think?

Jeweler: According to the claims administrators, that will depend on (1) the amount of your claim and (2) the amount of your claim compared against the total amount of all claims filed. The settlement fund will be divided pro rata (proportionately) among all qualified claims filers. We understand also that claims below a certain amount are not entitled to be paid. At the www.diamondsclassaction.com Web site, you’ll see that the process is explained in more detail and there’s a toll-free information number if you have more questions.

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