Jared Goes to the Mall With New Boutique Concept

Courtesy of Signet

He went to a smaller Jared

Now when they say, “He went to Jared,” it may mean he went to a traditional mall store.

Jared, the Sterling brand that has traditionally adorned off-mall big boxes, is now also appearing on smaller-format mall-based Jared Jewelry Boutiques.

The company is currently testing eight of the boutiques, all converted Sterling regional nameplates in malls where there is already a Kay Jewelers, says spokesperson David Bouffard. Two were launched last year, and now six more were added this year. The eight-store test will run through next year. 

The eight mini Jareds offer standard chain brands—such as Le Vian, Tolkowsky, and the Smithsonian Earthly Treasures collection—and could present competition for other upscale mall jewelers such as Ben Bridge. 

“Soooo many of our guests ask: “What is the difference between Jared the Galleria of Jewelry and the Jared Jewelry Boutique?” says the Facebook page for one of the boutiques. “The answer is simple. We are not different at all, other than one is in the mall and the other stores are freestanding.” 

This is not the company’s first expansion of the Jared franchise. Last year, it premiered Jared Vault, the chain’s outlet concept. The Jared Vaults were converted Ultra Diamonds stores in malls where there was already a Kay Outlet. The results were a dramatic improvement, executives said.

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