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Jade Trau Collab Gives Brilliant Earth An Edgy Yet Classic Ring Collection


Reminiscent of classic Corinthian fluting, the new Jade Trau designer collection at Brilliant Earth gives the jewelry company a collaboration that brings depth, fluidity, and individuality to each of the rings, creating a focal point for the wearable diamonds.

The Jade Trau partnership, which launched Wednesday, is an exclusive for Brilliant Earth and offers customers an 11-piece collection aimed at those who want a modern take on a traditional ring that features details such as elegant grooved textures, ribbonlike movement, and unique metal finishes.

The collection includes nine stacking and two engagement rings with prices ranging from $790 for the Jade Trau satin Esthética ring, which is reminiscent of an ancient Roman temple, to $2,690 for the Cavetta diamond eternity ring, which creates a merry-go-round of diamonds on a high-polish band.

Jade Trau ring Brilliant Earth
The Jade Trau Orneé eternity diamond ring with Brilliant Earth features prong-set diamonds with semi-bezels on either side of a high-polish band that feels like a dance in motion ($2,790).

Jade Trau designer and cofounder Jade Lustig says in an email interview that the collection came together during the pandemic, so the design process happened virtually. But Brilliant Earth’s well-defined look as well as her own vision helped bring their work together.

“I’ve worked on several other collaborative projects where I feel like the [onus] is more on me to define the vision, and [I received] a brief that was much sounder but at the same time gave me the opportunity to shine and speak my own voice from a creative perspective,” Lustig says. “I felt like we were so aligned throughout the process, and there wasn’t really a point in which I felt like there was a divergence, either creatively or aesthetically.”

Lustig says she studied the Brilliant Earth look book of sorts as well as its consumers and their values to determine the style she wanted. Then, she added her Jade Trau signature of working in classical elements that make the customer feel like they have a wearable, sculptural piece that is unique to them.

“The idea of pushing the boundaries of what a classic is and creating a feeling of individuality in your diamond jewelry without having the feeling of making an avant-garde purchase, when really it doesn’t have to be that way. If you look at jewelry through the eras, no one walked around wearing the same thing, they walked around with a lot of personalization,” Lustig says.

Brilliant Earth and Jade Trau
The 11-piece collaboration between Jade Trau and Brilliant Earth is meant for both engagements and for individuals to stack and create their own look, the two companies say.

“There was such an individual look, and people really showed who they were through their jewelry. It’s a focal point on how people define themselves, and I think it’s really important for people to have access to this form of self-expression,” Lustig says.

And, as the longtime diamond expert whose family has worked in jewelry for generations would do, she focused on the diamonds.

“My focal point is always on the diamond, first and foremost. So as a designer, I wanted to create a collection that had a point of view and was very stylized. All of my designs, whether it be from the fluted texture or brushed finish of the setting, always revolve around what makes the diamonds look their best,” Lustig says.

“How can these elements bring out the most fire, the most scintillation, the most sparkle of the stone? That’s always something I keep in mind when I start designing for both my own brand and for this collaboration.”

Top: Brilliant Earth and fine jewelry brand Jade Trau have collaborated on a newly launched 11-piece ring collection that highlights the diamond and its sparkle, says designer Jade Lustig (photos courtesy of Brilliant Earth). 

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