Jewelry Designer Jacquie Aiche Debuts Self-Care Line

Lots of beauty and wellness lines harness the metaphysical properties of gemstones and crystals to deliver their benefits, but the efficacy of the alchemy seems more legitimate if you know there’s a jewelry professional steering the product development.

And if the jewelry designer happens to be Jacquie Aiche, whose exquisite work draws on the natural beauty of crystals and gems in their raw, organic forms, you basically have no choice but to say, “Yes, please.”

As such, Aiche has just launched Gypsy, a line of self-care products designed to bring her loyal following a sense of peace, balance, and healing. According to the official announcement, each product is infused with crystals charged under the full moon and handcrafted with intention in small batches in Los Angeles.

The collection is led by rosewater-based facial mists charged with energy-healing properties derived from an array of gemstones that jewelry lovers know well and adore: Amethyst and rose quartz, well-known agents of optimism, mental clarity, and tranquility, are predictably among them, but Aiche also has options for those who feel drawn to chrysocolla, pink opal, labradorite, and fluorite, among others.

Jacquie Aiche Chrysocolla mist
Chrysocolla Gypsy mist, $45

There is also a linen/room spray blended with French lavender and amethyst ($50), and something called Gypsy Dust (aka “powder room aroma”) that can protect, smudge, and cleanse any space when you burn a small scoop of it. (Carved agate incense bowls, $55 each, are on offer for this purpose.)

Jacquie Aiche Gypsy Dust
Jacquie Aiche’s Gypsy Dust, $35 for a 2 oz. jar, is made with palo santo and sandalwood.

A beautifully illustrated handbook titled Crystals, $25, rounds out the assortment and makes a great add-on when paired with one or a few of the products as a gift.

Jacquie Aiche crystal handbook and Gypsy products
Great gift: any combination of the Gypsy agate bowls, mists, and crystal handbook

The Gypsy line seems perfect for “galentine” gifts; the products would also be an amazing way to thank a special client or helpful colleague or to congratulate/acknowledge/motivate a member of your staff.

I feel better already!

Top: The new Gypsy self-care line by Jacquie Aiche harnesses the energetic and healing powers of gemstones and crystals, literally bottling the mystical, bohemian, and talismanic aspects of her jewelry-design aesthetic so that we might all feel a little lighter, happier, and whole.

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