Jacquie Aiche Debuts New Opal Inlay Eye Collection

Jacquie Aiche says she’s always been fascinated with opals, “because looking at an opal is like looking at the Milky Way through a telescope,” she tells JCK.

Now the Los Angeles–based fine jewelry designer has debuted a small collection of stunning inlay pieces using the dreamy iridescent gem, which has been enchanting designers of all stripes in recent years. 

All four necklaces in the Opal Inlay Eye collection feature round pendants framing intricate inlays that pair opal with diamond, turquoise, and other gems. 

Motifs in the bohemian pieces include the sun, moon, zodiac iconography, and (most prominently) a single eye, topped with a diamond-studded eyelid in two of the pendants. Each motif is beautifully framed in a white diamond bezel, which elevates the pieces’ luxury quotient considerably.  

Each necklace “contains its own amazing universe,” explains the designer, adding, “Eyes have always had a strong presence in my designs. They have a rich history as a symbol of protection from negative influence and harm.” 

Aiche adds that she’s always been “really connected to the zodiacs, so naturally I incorporated these designs into the opal inlays. Each piece brings an energy that is specific to its beholder. They’re incredibly personal and sacred amulets.”

The recently passed spring equinox also proved inspirational to the designer, who says the seasonal shift always, “brings this strong connection to the creative soul, so I manifest this energy in new designs and color.” She adds, “Each piece reflects and celebrates properties intrinsic to spring. This felt like the perfect moment to launch my Opal Inlay Eye collection—a gateway to the soul, light, and truth.”

Retailers interested in the collection can direct inquiries to sales@jacquieaiche.com.

Jacquie Aiche sun eye pendant
Opal Eye Sun necklace with diamond center and pave diamond bezel, $7,750

Jacquie Aiche crescent pendant
Opal Crescent and Eye Sun necklace with diamond lid and  diamond bezel, $8,000

Jacquie Aiche gemini
Opal Inlay Gemini Zodiac necklace with full pavé border and diamond bezel, $8,500

(Top: Opal Inlay Eye necklace with diamond center, pavé eyelid, and diamond bezel, $8,000)

JCK Magazine Editor