JA Updates Bench Program

Jewelers of America
has updated its Bench Professional Certification program to reflect the standards of modern bench jewelers.


Now, Bench Professional Certification applicants can enjoy these new features:


– Demonstrate You Are a Cutting-Edge Bench Jeweler: Modernized exams include content that reflects bench best practices, updated bench tests and the addition of natural gemstones to several projects.


– Receive Faster Results: Improved fulfillment process for exam reviews and grading results in faster certification turnaround.


– More Affordable Fee Structure: Thanks to fulfillment partner, Stuller, jewelers can receive the added value that a Bench Professional Certification designation brings to their career, and store, at an affordable price. 


Certified Bench Jewelers receive the marketing benefits of an official certificate from Jewelers of America, a distinctive lapel pin and a press release (Jewelers of America members only) prepared by Jewelers of America’s Communications department.


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