Ivanka Trumps Fine Jewels

Whereas her parents may be the stuff of snickers and tabloids, there has always been something different about Ivanka Trump. She has the height, grace and beauty of a model (which she was, professionally, for a while) and the practical smarts of her real estate mogul father. It comes as no surprise, then, that her new jewelry line (created in a partnership with DTC sightholder Dynamic Diamond Corp.) is equal parts on-trend style and real-world wearability.

Jennifer and I recently attended the launch of the line and I was impressed by both the jewelry and the woman. The jewelry collection has an old-school glamour feel, with strong Deco inspirations, that combines drama with accessibility (elegant designs in diamonds combined with more affordable materials like crystal). Whereas many celebrities would make a grand (and late) entrance to such an event, and keep themselves surrounded by a posse of keepers and assorted hangers-on, Trump arrived nearly on time in a black and white cocktail dress and her own jewelry designs, and immediately began greeting guests with a smile and working the crowd solo.

Here are a few early images of the jewelry from the event. For more detailed pictures, click here, and stay tuned to our print magazines for a more in-depth discussion of the collection.

The deco drop earrings Trump wore to the launch     

A selection of jewels in a case sporting the collection’s logo