It’s Your Own Jewelry Collection, Charlie Brown!

Peanuts by Persona collection bracelet

I love Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang. It’s a yearly ritual in our home to watch the Peanuts holiday specials in the months leading up to Halloween (I typically get a head start in late August), Thanksgiving, and at Christmastime (can you believe we’ll be celebrating the 50th anniversary of that special this year?!). When it was announced that a Peanuts feature film was in the works, admittedly, I anticipate it with caution. They’ve tried to bring back old classics before, unsuccessfully (hello, Garfield), so the jury will be out on that until the movie hits theaters this November. On the other hand, I’m both excited and thankful that new generations will get the chance to know and enjoy the likes of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Sally, and my personal favorite, Linus. Add to that the new Peanuts by Persona jewelry collection, and my excitement for the return of one of my favorite comic strip gangs has doubled.

Peanuts by Persona collection of beads and charms

The new collection, featuring 18 beads and charms of the iconic Peanuts characters, is crafted in sterling silver and decorated with a range of Austrian crystal, hand-painted enamel, and Italian glass. You’ll find that Snoopy accounts for many of the pieces, including his iconic Red Baron likeness. My personal favorites include a thought bubble containing Charlie Brown’s signature phrase, Good grief!, and a trio of beads in red, yellow, and blue, featuring the lead character’s signature chevron line running through the center of each.

Peanuts by Persona collection of beads and charms

Time and reviews will tell how The Peanuts Movie will fare, but I’m quite content with my memories of the original, brought to life by this whimsical collection. The pieces will make for fun gift-giving during the holiday season, whether for Charlie Brown beginners or nostalgics, so I’d consider this to be a great price-point option in your holiday-stocking plans. A comic classic immortalized in easy-to-wear jewelry; how could anyone resist?

Learn more about the collection and contact Persona about stocking here.


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